Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kismet: Rogues, Sorcerers, Warlocks, & Wizards

  • Whether con men or cat burglars, Rogues come with a wide variety of skills and one thing in common: fraternity.  The Book of Fate proscribes how to deal with criminals and it isn't particularly lenient, it's an extraordinary thief who doesn't have back up of some sort.  You brothers and sisters among the Right Folk will be more than happy to assist your more dangerous ventures, for a share of profits and minimal questions asked.  Don't be surprised if they turn around and ask the same of you.
  • Before the Prophet brought the Book of Fate out of the wilderness, the Black Empire was surrounded by a patchwork of eldritch kingdoms.  Their royal bloodlines intermarried with Djinn and stranger things.  With the coming off the Prophet they were given a choice, live under Fate's laws or face destruction.  Those who joined the Prophet found their magical heritage wane, those who defied her rarely survived. Sorcerers are the scions of surviving royalty and are able to draw upon ancient treaties between their lost kingdoms and various supernatural forces.

  • Iram of the Pillars was the capitol of onesuch patchwork kingdom, elbow deep in pacts and diabolic workings.  The city was ruled by a caste of Warlock priests and the architechture dominated by shrines and torture columns.  On their high plinths they would cajole dire forces with blood and bodies, enticing them with death and life.  The Prophet did not offer a chance at conversion, for their perversions there was no mercy.  Today Warlocks persist, secretly trading knowledge and careful to avoid gethering in large groups. Witchsniffers and Paladins are always eager to put them to the sword, but now there are whispers on the wind that sand choked Iram is rising again.
  • Magic once ran like the blood in men's bodies, coursing and vibrant, waiting to be tapped.  But with the Book of Fate and the Great Pact with Djinnistan that is no longer the case.  Those with arcane interests go to University to learn ways to properly harness tthe secret powers of the cosmos. Wizards are the foremost philosophers and scholars ensconced in those halls.  Armed with clockwork devices powered by the breath of angels and invocations, they seek to rigorously test the boundaries of existence.