Thursday, March 22, 2018

Chupacabracon - Queen of Gold


A Storm Gathers on the Horizon!

A new evil stirs in the distant Kingdom of Sails, promising to plunge the world into
Shadow! Shipwrecked and half drowned. You will rise on shaking legs to face the
horrors of the deep, seek accursed relics, face your nemesis, and journey to the ends
of the Urth! Set sail and find the fabled Queen of Gold!

This year at Chupacabracon 2018, I will be running a complete campaign in 22 hours! We will be using the Shadow of the Demon Lord from Schwalb
Entertainment. The campaign is broken up into 5 parts that span the entire convention
from Friday to Sunday. Starting characters will be created during Part 1 on Friday
afternoon. Attendees joining the later legs of the odyssey will be provided with
pre-generated characters of the appropriate tier.

If you’ve listened to any of our shows and though: “I want to play with those guys!”
You have the opportunity to make it somewhat true! Spots are limited so register now so
we can prepare accordingly.

Come face the apocalypse on the high seas!

Shadow of the Demon Lord is © 2015 - 2018 Schwalb Entertainment, used with permission

Friday, February 2, 2018

Borchardbriar: Frozen Folk

One of the largest Folk, you'll see a Moose before it sees you. Revered by many as the first children of Winter for their resemblance to Hottah the Frozen Sky. Each Northcrown is following a quest known only to them. More and more are charting course for Whisper and the rotten castle of Borchardbriar.

Tall As The Sky - Moose have +3 Size which increases their Toughness by the same amount.  Also increase their Reach by +2 and they can wield two-handed weapons in one hand.
Broad As The Earth - Due to their vast size, Moose pay twice as much for armor.
Lumbering- Moose suffer a -1 penalty on all Agility skills.

Reclusive, the Lynx leverage their secrets and knowledge to attain temporal power. Ruling 3 of the 8 Baronies is no small task, though uniting them into a single front may prove impossible. With their sacred enigmas and the Grand Design, they feel up to the task.

Softpaw - Shifting out of step with the world, Lynx have a +2 to Stealth rolls.
Weavers' Gift - Each Lynx holds a sacred riddle whispered in their ears at birth. Befuddling listeners when it's said aloud. This works like the confusion power rated at d8. this may be increased like any other skill.
Winter's Kin - As obligate carnivores, Lynx suffer -4 Charisma with prey Folk.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Borchardbriar: Beyond the Land and Far Away Part 1

Across the Sea of Bones and over the Spine you'll find Manykings, a vast peninsula broken up into a quilt-work of interdependent city states called Rajs. A vast and hostile jungle surrounds each Raj in a poisonous stranglehold. Within the cities, golden palaces and dizzying minarets dominate each city's skyline. The slender towers channel the prayers of the populace and create the border between civilization and wilderness. As the green hell grows taller, these structures fail and crumble.

Frozen Baronies
Keep going North and the sea solidifies into an unbroken glacial plain. On the edges you'll find the Baronies' remnants clinging to the ice and bleeding out into the water. Fisherman and raiders, the Frozen Folk are drawing closer to Saltbite Keep as the coastline presses South. Their skalds sing of a time when the ice would thaw and green shoots would push up from the sod.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Borchardbriar: Outside 4 Corners

River and streams crisscross the Land, most trade plies the waterways since they're swifter and a bit safer than the Open Road. Away from the big cities, traders, punters, hardbacks and riverfolk are a world all their own. On the surface of isolated Lough Deoiridh, a barter town flotilla calling itself Mudslide has formed. Most of the Roden smuggled out of Stonebones arrive here. Given succor by Sister Isla, the riverfolk work very hard to maintain a free place of commerce and community free from Reynard's terror.

The Open Road
A catch-all for the wild in-between the Holdfasts and Borchardbriar. Populated with bandits, Chimera, Ruckus, ruins, Wild Breakers and witches; there's a lot to fear in the wilderness. Penal conscripts are often organized into hunting parties and keep the surrounding countryside as quiet as they can. The risk doesn't keep brave Folk from eschewing the high walls of the Holdfasts and living on the fringe. 

Life outside the Holdfasts is dangerous for the small and squishy. The Opossum eke out a living by staying up and out of the way. Their tree villages stay quiet and camouflaged, high in the boughs of tupelo trees. The only business they have below the boughs involves the breeding, care and harvesting of venomous snakes.

Wormtail - Gain an additional non-Movement action with no multi-action penalty.
Adderproof - Immune to Poison.
Cautious - Opossum have the Cautious Hindrance.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Borchardbriar: Open Road Careers

Career Skills: Fighting d10 & Notice d4
Career Edges: Mighty Blow, Alertness
Trappings: A cleaver that requires 2 hands, a patchwork mail shirt, & a bag of truffles.

Wild Breaker
Career Skills: Tracking d6, Fighting d6, & Channeling d4
Career Edges: Arcane Resistance, Arcane Background (Miracles - Reynard)
Trappings: A barbed wire net, a long spear, & the reason you hunt.

Hedge Mage
Career Skills: Tracking d4, Spellcasting d6, & Knowledge (Arcane Matters) d6
Career Edges: Arcane Background (Sorcery), Healer
Trappings: A healer's kit, an athame & the ghost of your master.

Career Skills: Survival d6, 3 skill points
Career Edges: Scrounger, Luck
Trappings: An unorthodox weapon & 2 rolls with Scrounger before play starts.

Career Skills: Swimming d8, Climbing d4, & Survival d4
Career Edges: Level Headed, Ambidextrous
Trappings: A boat, a leather jack, and a bottle of strong cider. 

Career Skills: +2 to one power, Stealth d6, & Intimidation d4
Career Edges: Arcane Background (Chimera), Fast Healer
Trappings: Fragments from a pactstone

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Borchardbriar: Whisper Careers

Saltbite Watchman
Career Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6, & Survival d4
Career Edges: First Strike, Counterattack
Trappings: A spear, a crossbow, & an eye on the horizon.

Red Rock Fanatic
Career Skills: Intimidation d8, Notice d4, & Fighting d4
Career Edges: Berserk, Nerves of Steel
Trappings: A long knife, a fine set of clothing, & religious relics.

Magna Loyalist
Career Skills: Healing d8, Stealth d4 & Fighting d4
Career Edges: Sidekick, Brave
Trappings: A healer's kit, a silver amulet on a chain & an eager beaver.

Snakebite Bootlegger
Career Skills: Stealth d6, Persuasion d6, & Intimdate d4
Career Edges: Liquid Courage, Luck
Trappings: A jar of lampblack, a wicked blade & knowing the roads like the back of your hand

Career Skills: Stealth d8 & Survival d6
Career Edges:Woodsman, Elan
Trappings: a hatchet, a fringed leather jack & d6 spring-loaded traps

Career Skills: Climbing d6, Streetwise d6, Gambling d4
Career Edges: Alertness, Quick
Trappings: A 10' lamplighter's pole, matches & d6 jars of lamp oil

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Borchardbriar: Careers in the Vault

Chestnut Mobster
Career Skills: Fighting d4, Streetwise d8, & Intimidate d4
Career Edges: Ambidexterous, Two-Fisted
Trappings: 2 knuckle dusters, a flask of snakebite, & a hard stare.

Street Performer
Career Skills: Persuade d6, Taunt d6, Channel d4
Career Edges: Charismatic, Arcane Background (Miracles)
Trappings: a battered hat, a worn songbook, & an heirloom instrument.

Career Skills: Persuade d6, Knowledge (Supply & Demand) d6,
Career Edges: Connections, Beast Bond
Trappings: a ledger book, the Rich edge in goods, & an ornery beast of burden.

Inspector for Public Safety
Career Skills: Investigation d8, Shooting d4, & Repair d4
Career Edges: MacGyver, Level Headed
Trappings: crossbow pistol, forged documents, & a quota of hazards to find.

Red Branch Prospect

Career Skills: Throwing d6, Climbing d4, Stealth d4 & Fighting d4
Career Edges: Acrobat, Frenzy
Trappings: 3 javelins, distinctive tartan, & a sign of your paramour's affection.

Career Skills: Fighting d8, Gambling d4 & Notice d4
Career Edges: Sweep, Martial Artist
Trappings: a set of wraps & a signed death waiver.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Borchardbriar: Stonebones Careers

Career Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d4, & Stealth d4
Career Edges: Block, Hard to Kill
Trappings: A heavy shield, worn mail shirt, & survivor's guilt.

Voice of Lost Children
Career Skills: Persuasion d8, Taunt d4, & Intimidation d4
Career Edges: Arcane Background (Haunted), Strong Willed
Trappings: A crystal ball, mystic's robes, & an appointment in three hours.

Career Skills: Lockpicking d6, Fighting d4, & Persuasion d6
Career Edges: Combat Reflexes, Danger Sense
Trappings: A small, sharp blade, a hidden set of lockpicks, & a righteous cause.

Velvet Glove Informant
Career Skills: Notice d6, Investigation d6, & Streetwise d4
Career Edges:  Fleet-Footed, Quick Draw
Trappings: Nondescript tunic, 2 homing pigeons, & a handler who's leaning on you.


Career Skills: Survival d6, Investigation d6, Gambling d4
Career Edges: Luck, Dodge
Trappings: A large pick axe, hooded lantern, & gambling debts.

Career Skills: Persuasion d4, Taunt d4, Intimidation d4, Stealth d4, Streetwise d4
Career Edges: Command, Connections
Trappings: A leather jack, soapbox, & d6 pamphlets for various causes

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Borchardbriar: Clowdertown Careers

Litterbox Cutpurse
Career Skills: Lockpicking d6, Stealth d6, & Climbing d4
Career Edges: Thief, Scrounger
Trappings: Black-hooded tunic, lockpicking tools, & d4 sacks.


Career Skills: Survival d8 & Tracking d6
Career Edges: Quick, Marksman
Trappings: Bow, a seasoned leather jerkin, & this morning's catch.

"Big Tom"
Career Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d4, & Knowledge (urban terrain) d4
Career Edges: Brawny, Combat Sense
Trappings: A blade, a patched leather jerkin, & a bad reputation.

Fat Cat
Career Skills: Persuasion d8 & Knowledge (academics) d6
Career Edges: Rich, Attractive
Trappings: Expensive clothes, a notorious piece of jewelry, & d4 hangers-on

Sister of the Alley
Career Skills: Healing d6, Notice d6, & Survival d4
Career Edges: Common Bond, Beast Master
Trappings: Robes, a silver charm on a chain, & d6 votive candles depicting various saints

Meow Street Runner
Career Skills: Investigation d6, Intimidation d6, & Streetwise d4
Career Edges: Investigator, Connections
Trappings: Truncheon, leather jerkin, & the Badge

This was a pretty quick and dirty mash up of Savage Rifts' MARS packages with WFRP's Careers. In character creation, you pick a sort of Furred Folk and a Career after spending your 5 stat points. I'll do 6 careers for the other three Holdfasts & the Open Road.