Sunday, July 1, 2018

Last Parsec Archetypes: Cerato Labor Organizer

All the world that's owned by idle drones is ours and ours alone
We have laid the wide foundations; built it skyward stone by stone.
It is ours, not to slave in, but to master and to own.
While the union makes us strong. 
- Ralph Chaplin, "Solidarity Forever"

Standing seven feet tall and weighing over half a ton, the gentle giants from Chordat Tau are one of the most imposing species in the Know Worlds. Descended from large herbivores the Cerato are defined by two things - their horns and the herd. The Cerato dominated their planet through cooperation and defensive thorniness. It was easier to get along than to take them on. Something JumpCorp surveyors learned when they made first contact during an age of steam powered exploration. Falling under the Cerato's pheromones, the surveyors jump-started the saurians' introduction to the Known Worlds. Distressed at the deep cultural divisions and corporate indenture in the Big Empty, the Cerato adopted the Sisyphean task of re-defining civic discourse through the milieu of shared interest and labor solidarity. Calling their venture the Intersolar Freelancers Union, they actively recruit from a wide range of vocations and species, making tremendous headway among synthetics. Adopting android emancipation as a tent pole issue, the IFU is currently engaged in legal action against Tykon Corp in several fringe systems.
Cerato is singular and plural.

SPECIES - CERATO - Natural Weapons (their horns deal Strength + D6), Cooperative Pheromones (+2 Charisma), Sponsorship (Rich Edge) -or- Solidarity (Common Bond Edge), Environmental Weakness (Cold), Low Tech Society

STATS - Strength D6 Agility D6 Vitality D6 Smarts D8 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Fighting D6 Investigation D8 Shooting D6 Persuade D6 Streetwise D8 Notice D8
PARRY 5  TOUGHNESS  Rich 11(6) -or- Bond 9(4) CHARISMA +2
EDGES - Connections -or- Lucky
HINDRANCES -  Heroic -or- Death Wish (Major) Gotta make quota- 500 new members, Vow (Minor) The herd is all, Enemy (Minor)
EQUIPMENT - Rich- Gatling Particle Accelerator (2d8+4, AP 2, ROF 4), Combat Armor (Armor 6), Molecular Knife (D6+D4+2, AP 2), Personal Data Device, Water Filter, Rebreather, a brand new Hovercycle, Intersolar Freelancer Union Automemberships for new members, $100 spending cash 
-Common Bond- Particle Accelerator Rifle (2d8+2, AP 2) Body Armor (Armor 4), Molecular Knife (D6+D4+2, AP 2), Water Filter, Rebreather, Intersolar Freelancer Union Automemberships for new members, $850
Austomemberships are form-fillable ID cards that take photos and genetic information of an IFU member.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Last Parsec Archetypes: Truf Field Medic

Between arboreal titans swaddling planets and deader-esque seeds taking root in deceased husks, plant-based sentients are a diverse lot beyond the slight, flowery leeks. For instance, look at the intelligent fungi of Sequoia Prime. Dwelling in subterranean cities carved from the root network of deceased forerunners earned them the nickname "trufs". Their bipedal forms are actually a super-organism of cooperating colonies in constant chemical communication. Each colony has it's own sensory organs so while a truf's body is functionally covered in eyeballs, it can be difficult to parse all the information. The truf were exposed to the Big Empty when flaming wreckage and an escape pod crash landed. Though the serran occupant died from his injuries the truf city learned the best way they knew how - consumption. Horrified by their actions once they had expanded context, the truf species as a whole made a concerted effort to join the larger galactic community and ease suffering.

Truf use plural pronouns.

SPECIES - TRUF - Hardy, Regeneration - or Whole Body is a Brain (+1 die size to Smarts), No Vital Organs, Dependency (Moisture/water), Environmental Weakness (Heat/Fire), Bad Eyes

STATS - Strength D4 Agility D6 Vitality D6 Smarts D8 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Healing D8 Notice D6 Knowledge (Science) D4 Repair D6 Shooting D6 Weird Science D10
EDGES Arcane Background (Weird Science), Luck
HINDRANCES -  Pacifist -or- Curious (Major), Stubborn (Minor), Big Mouth (Minor) 
EQUIPMENT - Tranquilizer Pistol (2d6+1, causes Fatigue rather than Wounds), Medi-Scanner, Body Armor, 10 tubes of Medi-Gel, Personal Data Device, $100 spending cash.
POWER - Xenoherbal Medication (Boost Trait) -or- Ablative Mushroom Patch (Deflection) -or- Hallucinogenic Spores (Fear)-or- Anesthetic Aerosol (Stun) -or- 2 Fun guys (Summon Ally)

Monday, June 25, 2018

Last Parsec Archetypes: Rokishi

One of the most popular sports in the Known Worlds, RoboSumo's regulating body is a mega-corp in its own right. The objective is simple - remove your opponent from the ring via push or pull, no closed fists. The Kumite Directive manufactures competitors, sets the standings, designates tonnage, referees matches, and negotiates the broadcast distributions for the hundreds of tournaments that take place across the galaxy. The competing droids are organized in indentured stables (also called heya) and earn out their contracts through victories. Most rokishi continue competing long after their indenture ends, though they aren't an uncommon sight on JumpCorp vessels. Life outside the ring is hard for synthetic beings built for ritual combat, constant drills and contests leave little room to develop other skills.

Rokishi names combine the name of their stable and the last two digits of their serial number, they often take on new names after completing their indenture.

The Rokishi is inspired by Brando and Hercules,  from Urasawa's manga Pluto. There's a great article on the series here. Also check out 17776, which is excellent. Wikipedia's synopsis is here.

SPECIES - DROID - Construct, Mods, Vow (Major) Loyalty to the Kumite Directive and abiding by their rulings, Weakness (Electricity) +4 damage from electricity, Outsider (Major) Terminator prejudice, Dependency (Recharging)
MODIFICATIONS - Increase Size x 2

STATS - Strength D10 Agility D8 Vitality D6 Smarts D6 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Athletics D8 Fighting D10 Intimidate D6 Notice D6 Knowledge (Botany) D6 Knowledge (your choice) D4
EDGES - Geared Up
HINDRANCES -  Overconfident -or- Clueless (Major), Quirk (Minor) the courtesies of ritual combat, Obese (Minor)
EQUIPMENT - Atomic Palms (d10+d4+d6, on a raise deal +d10), Body Armor (+4 Armor), $300 in spending cash

SAMPLE NAMES - Rikkidozan61,  Leontiskos51, Wakahamada02, MontBlanc21, Rousey11, Milo88, Akebono79, Gesicht38, Gracie92, Severn13, Kimura27, Kototenzan40

Friday, June 1, 2018

TORG: No Place Like Home

With Torg Eternity's release, Tharkold is my favorite cosm. This mash-up of Terminator, Dark City, and Hellraiser is even more interesting because the savage frontier of the Blasted Land is on its doorstep. I want it to be more Stalker/Roadside Picnic than Mad Max. 
Here's my first step towards making that happen. Because everyone needs a cool home base. 

With the Federation allied with the Reality Raiders, everyday Russian life adopts levels of scrutiny and suspicion rivaling the Cold War. The cities close off as the military seizes transit ways while fleets of surveillance drones scour the countryside. Outside the Wolf's piercing gaze, the Blasted Land is an Ostern dream. The rugged mix of taiga and arid waste awash in  nano-weirdness makes surviving here a rough proposition. Even if insurgency is the best/only way to oppose Tharkold without sparking World War 3. To operate in the Blasted Land, you need an outpost.
First you pick 3-5 features, followed by 2 internal conflicts, and 2 external threats.

Simeon Todorov
Features (pick 3-5)- an abandoned prison, shanties, crude farming, all these pigeons, tunnels into underground vaults, moldy tarps and re-purposed plastics collecting rainwater, feral kids, trailer park chemistry lab, wrecked automobiles or airplanes, rail yard with a working yard goat, Orthodox church sanctuary, heavy industrial remains, eerie totems and graffiti, glowing algae, bustling marketplace, motor pool worth bragging, a fine coating of rust, a well-stocked infirmary, a rickety still made from a radiator, alien flora in bloom, sophisticated armory, an autofactory running on fumes, a library with mixed knowledge, a high frequency radio antennae, exercise bike generator, at a crossroads, so much barbed wire, watch towers with good sightlines

Conflicts (choose 2)- squalid conditions breed sickness, you owe protection tribute, there isn't enough work to go around, scant weaponry, you're a bunch of jackals, too many mouths to feed, potable water is scarce, there aren't very many of you, you provide protection to other outposts, plans of action, faith traditions or lack thereof, psychic privacy, people come and go as they please, your technology is finicky and fragile, the desperate escape with a needle

Threats (choose 2)- two Tharkoldu prides fighting over territory, a labour of bear-sized moles, "Krokodil" a predatory trader, psychic raiders threatening your food and secrets, man-eating anomalies triggered by iron, packs of pangolin scaled wolves, deniable military personnel, gray goo breaking down organic matter, a borganism calling themselves "Zmei", Koschie necrotechnicians were drawn by a recent battle, a recently seeded gospog farm, cenobites worshiping the Blast, weird weather like skyquakes and acid rain, a squad of "Laika" Retrievers stalk the area, cracks in Reality's sidewalk

Fallout 4's Pilgrim mod

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Borchardbriar Adventure Generator Part 2

Who's the target?
2-5 - A criminal gang or syndicate, maybe a Wild Sounder
6-8 - A coterie of Raynard's childthieves
9-10 - Civilian authorities that support Reynard's reign
Jack - An infamous Wyldbreaker
Queen -A foul sorcerer who's bargained with the Mad King
King-Ace - A Chimera has moved in, could it be an asset? (black = wild/red = broken)
Joker - One of Reynard's Winnowers is in town (black = the Bellringer/red = the Penitent)

What's gone wrong?
2-5 - They've been double-crossed by someone in the cell. Who was it?
6-8 - The target didn't show. Were they warned?
9-10 - Something equally pressing has come up and timing is too tight for both operations. Draw a new set of cards to generate a parallel adventure. Do they split the party?
Jack - Someone's raised the alarm! Bells! Flares! Watchmen on every street corner!
Queen - The cell has been ambushed by (black= 3rd party/red = Reynard's forces). Do they fight or flee?
King-Ace - There's an additional target of opportunity. Do you take it?
Joker - Depends. Black Joker = Everything goes smooth, for once. Red Joker = Someone has sold you out and provided extensive details to the enemy, there's a bounty on the cell's heads.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Borcharbriar Adventure Generator Part 1

What's the deed?
2-5 - Surveillance
6-8 - Delivery
9-10 - Sowing unrest
Jack - Infiltration
Queen - Criminal Activity
King-Ace - Assassination
Joker - Mass Event

Where's the spot? (Hearts/Spades/Diamonds/Clubs)
2-5 - The Litterbox/ The Ingot/ This Old Chestnut/ Leaky Moon Distillery
6-8 - Ms. Kitty's/ The Love Below/ Thumper's/ Red's Rest

9-10 - Fleeting Fetch's/ Rodrig's Box & Tackle/ Allbright Books/ Hammer & Tongs
Jack - Abbey of the Alley/Church of the Iron Chain/ Accord Memorial/ Saltbite Keep
Queen -  Boiling Cauldron/ Sunny Burrows Golf Course/ Deeproot Hall/ High Table
King-Ace - Horace's/ Underdim Union Hall/ Saffron Point/ Maugrim Manor
Joker - Draw again for the Open Road

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Borchardbriar: Beyond the Land and Far Away Part 1

Across the Sea of Bones and over the Spine you'll find Manykings, a vast peninsula broken up into a quilt-work of interdependent city states called Rajs. A vast and hostile jungle surrounds each Raj in a poisonous stranglehold. Within the cities, golden palaces and dizzying minarets dominate each city's skyline. The slender towers channel the prayers of the populace and create the border between civilization and wilderness. As the green hell grows taller, these structures fail and crumble.

Frozen Baronies
Keep going North and the sea solidifies into an unbroken glacial plain. On the edges you'll find the Baronies' remnants clinging to the ice and bleeding out into the water. Fisherfolk and raiders, the Frozen Folk are drawing closer to Saltbite Keep as their frosty coastline presses South. Their skalds sing of a time when the ice would thaw and green shoots would push up from the sod.

Blast From The Past: Rules of 3

I tend to run two models of role-playing game sessions: the one shot game and the mini-series.  I rarely indulge in the long form campaign, my attention tends to wander quickly. I find inspiring my players relies on three elements: building emotional investment, sharing narrative control, and being on the same tonal page.  Just about everything players say matters and has weight, unless they're quoting Galaxy Quest.

3 x 3 x 3 - Building emotional investment - I found this on the old 7th Sea forums years ago, and works wonders for making everyone feel interconnected with the setting and each other.  The idea is have the players create 9 NPCs connected to their character - three friends, three acquaintances, and three enemies.  Don't require it all at once, have them create 1 - 2 before each game session and insist on no more than three sentences each.  Suggest cross pollinating the lists so some of the characters have mixed relationships with the same NPC. Then insert them into the narrative at any dramatic opportunity, as opposition or working cross purposes to build conflict.You mzy not use all of them, but try to squeeze in at least one NPC from each player.
It can contribute to a certain Guiding Days of All My Children's Hospital feel to things, making it feel like a small, melodramatic setting.  On the other hand you are establishing and spotlighting character backstory in a front staged, interactive way, rather than exposition.  Be sure to eschew backstory novellas when you do this, since it'll just be wasted work.

Tell Me 3 Things - Sharing narrative control- This is from the back of John Wick's Houses of the Blooded.  One of the core elements of role playing is the idea that you are adopting another persona, one who lives, breathes, fucks, and dies in the collaborative fantasyland.  So collaborate already.  

Expanding on the idea of the improv principle of 'Yes, and...' when my players meet an NPC or go to a new place I ask them to tell me something that they know about that place or that person, until three things have been said.  Everything stated is taken as fact on the surface, validating their fictional selves and further building out the setting.  Anything could possibly be rooted in half-truth or flat out deception further complicating things for the players and adding depth.

Share inspiration -Same tonal page- These practices are built on the conceit that your players are interesting and intelligent people that you want to role-play with. Also the idea that role-playing is a collaborative medium, none of us are as strong as all of us. This can go awry if you're all going in different directions, for example sci-fi is a broad genre and if you want to run a game that meditates on economic nihilism then you want to keep things from getting too Hitchhiker's.  

You can get everyone on the same page in two steps: 1) talk about the sorts of associated media so there's an established baseline of genre assumptions 2) make characters in a group so everyone can brainstorm character concepts and gel their relationships.  The player characters are the most important characters in the campaign, providing perspective and coloring events with their agency and motivations.  If you have most of the PC's are in line with Dark Matter, but there's one selfish Zaphod then the whole thing can go sideways, very fast.

Whatever your grand designs for fantasyland; if your players don't care, aren't enjoying themselves, and showing up out of obligation then you've failed. Loosen the reigns and share the narrative with them, as they've shared their time and presence with you. 

This month's theme is Inspiring Your Players. the seed article is here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

On Top of Mt. Shasta: The Goblin Market

The Goblin Market - Getting lost's an easy thing in the Park, finding is often the hard part. Plenty of treasure hunters and mystics have wandered off the beaten path surrounding the mountain. Never to be seen again. Most become ensnared in the Goblin Market's wheeling and dealing. Squirreled away in the rough country, you can find vagrant tent cities intermingled with market stalls and vendors hawking a range of goods. Some human, some not. All are welcome to barter in the Goblin Markets. Just remember that money doesn't spend here. They're interested in baubles and ephemera, refusal gets the Gobbomeister Flim-Flam involved.
And nobody wants that.

Goal: They want more people to come to the park. Some to trade, some to lose.
Move: Constituents of the Goblin Market may take Sticky Bandit as an advancement.
Sticky Bandit - When you turn out your pockets looking for something, roll +Sharp. On a 10+ then you have what you need. On 7-9, you have something that's not quite close enough. On a miss, you had it but someone stole it from you.
Leader: Flim-Flam - At the intersection of snake oil and used cars salesmen, you'll find Flim-Flam. His loud suits and greasy hair camouflage his Otherworldliness, something he'd rather not discuss. The greedy goblin has grown fat and happy with the Underdim Compact and maintains it as best he can. If the Mole King wants a girl with green eyes, then that's what Ualichu gets.
Like this but WAY more flea market.

Monday, May 14, 2018

On Top of Mt. Shasta: The Wireless Church

The Wireless Church- Settled by Italian immigrants in 1905, the city of Mt. Shasta was fertile ground for fringe beliefs and folk traditions. Later this century the New Age Movement declared Mt. Shasta a sacred mountain, a lodestone of spiritual energy, or a refuge of lost Atlantean civilization. The Wireless Church is a culmination of all these beliefs and more. Claiming lineage from the benandanti and guidance from Saint Clare of Assisi, patron saint of television. They espouse the belief that the soul is an eternal part of the electromagnetic spectrum. That when you die, you're dispersed into the ionosphere and have a unique frequency. With proper diet and prayer, you can tune into the Saints and maybe even the voice of God. For a faith movement so heavily predicated on communication through the ages, they are heavily invested in human cloning, President Clinton's ban on 3/4/1997 has thrown leadership into a tailspin.
Move: Members of the Wireless Church may take the move Divine Protection as an advancement.
Divine Protection - The Saints grant you 1-armor, impenetrable. If you wear armor  use that instead.
Goal: They seek the lost Refuge the Saints say is in the park, so they can shelter against the turning of the millennium.

Friday, May 11, 2018

On Top of Mt. Shasta: The Groundskeepers

Groundskeepers - You won't find park rangers friendlier than those working at Mt. Shasta State Park. Under the keen supervision of Chief Ranger Carson Ranger, the park's volunteer and professional staff have become the envy of the National Park Service. The saccharine shell of smiling faces and ever helpfulness hide a secret. Several of the park rangers formed a druid cult around the"Stareek." Following its guidance they plant juniper saplings around the park and on neighboring properties. In exchange they have purpose and command over the park's wildlife. Park Lieutenant Rodney Womack is the self-appointed leader. A sprig of juniper in his hatband.
Goal: They want to expand the boundaries of the park. By any means.
Move: A Groundskeeper Initiate can take the move Wild Tongue as an advancement.
Wild Tongue - You can speak and understand the speech of animals. You may also issue simple one word commands and they obey the best they can.
Leader: Park Lieutenant Rodney Womack - A once athletic guy, now gone to seed. Park Policeman Womack crawled inside the bottle after his divorce. Since communing with the Stareek, his life has found new purpose. No one will take it away from him.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

On Top of Mt Shasta: Shaggymen MC

Shaggymen M.C. - Founded in 1972, the Shaggymen drew mostly from the reclusive Sasquatch community in Northern California. Originally a way to hide in plain sight, the idea caught on and other Bigfoot communities across North America started their own chapters. The world has shrunk over the last 25 years and Shaggymen M.C. feels the crunch as the open road becomes the big empty. Peanut, the Shasta Chapter's sky pilot, experienced a spiritual revelation that Mt. Shasta is the paradise for all Bigfoot and it's their Manifest Destiny to seize the park.
Goal: They want to take over the park for all Bigfoot kind.
Move: If you're a sasquatch then you may take One Man Gang as an advancement.
One Man Gang - You count as a small gang when you Kick Some Ass
Leader: Rubble - An enormous Sasquatch standing a bit over 8 feet. His intense gaze draws the eye away from his piebald appearance. Swathes of his fur were burned away in a fight with a rival Bigfoot M.C. - The Mountain Devils.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Chupacabracon - Queen of Gold


A Storm Gathers on the Horizon!

A new evil stirs in the distant Kingdom of Sails, promising to plunge the world into
Shadow! Shipwrecked and half drowned. You will rise on shaking legs to face the
horrors of the deep, seek accursed relics, face your nemesis, and journey to the ends
of the Urth! Set sail and find the fabled Queen of Gold!

This year at Chupacabracon 2018, I will be running a complete campaign in 22 hours! We will be using the Shadow of the Demon Lord from Schwalb
Entertainment. The campaign is broken up into 5 parts that span the entire convention
from Friday to Sunday. Starting characters will be created during Part 1 on Friday
afternoon. Attendees joining the later legs of the odyssey will be provided with
pre-generated characters of the appropriate tier.

If you’ve listened to any of our shows and though: “I want to play with those guys!”
You have the opportunity to make it somewhat true! Spots are limited so register now so
we can prepare accordingly.

Come face the apocalypse on the high seas!

Shadow of the Demon Lord is © 2015 - 2018 Schwalb Entertainment, used with permission

Friday, February 2, 2018

Borchardbriar: Frozen Folk

One of the largest Folk, you'll see a Moose before it sees you. Revered by many as the first children of Winter for their resemblance to Hottah the Frozen Sky. Each Northcrown is following a quest known only to them. More and more are charting course for Whisper and the rotten castle of Borchardbriar.

Tall As The Sky - Moose have +3 Size which increases their Toughness by the same amount.  Also increase their Reach by +2 and they can wield two-handed weapons in one hand.
Broad As The Earth - Due to their vast size, Moose pay twice as much for armor.
Lumbering- Moose suffer a -1 penalty on all Agility skills.

Reclusive, the Lynx leverage their secrets and knowledge to attain temporal power. Ruling 3 of the 8 Baronies is no small task, though uniting them into a single front may prove impossible. With their sacred enigmas and the Grand Design, they feel up to the task.

Softpaw - Shifting out of step with the world, Lynx have a +2 to Stealth rolls.
Weavers' Gift - Each Lynx holds a sacred riddle whispered in their ears at birth. Befuddling listeners when it's said aloud. This works like the confusion power rated at d8. this may be increased like any other skill.
Winter's Kin - As obligate carnivores, Lynx suffer -4 Charisma with prey Folk.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Borchardbriar: Outside 4 Corners

River and streams crisscross the Land, most trade plies the waterways since they're swifter and a bit safer than the Open Road. Away from the big cities, traders, punters, hardbacks and riverfolk are a world all their own. On the surface of isolated Lough Deoiridh, a barter town flotilla calling itself Mudslide has formed. Most of the Roden smuggled out of Stonebones arrive here. Given succor by Sister Isla, the riverfolk work very hard to maintain a free place of commerce and community free from Reynard's terror.

The Open Road
A catch-all for the wild in-between the Holdfasts and Borchardbriar. Populated with bandits, Chimera, Ruckus, ruins, Wild Breakers and witches; there's a lot to fear in the wilderness. Penal conscripts are often organized into hunting parties and keep the surrounding countryside as quiet as they can. The risk doesn't keep brave Folk from eschewing the high walls of the Holdfasts and living on the fringe. 

Life outside the Holdfasts is dangerous for the small and squishy. The Opossum eke out a living by staying up and out of the way. Their tree villages stay quiet and camouflaged, high in the boughs of tupelo trees. The only business they have below the boughs involves the breeding, care and harvesting of venomous snakes.

Wormtail - Gain an additional non-Movement action with no multi-action penalty.
Adderproof - Immune to Poison.
Cautious - Opossum have the Cautious Hindrance.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Borchardbriar: Open Road Careers

Career Skills: Fighting d10 & Notice d4
Career Edges: Mighty Blow, Alertness
Trappings: A cleaver that requires 2 hands, a patchwork mail shirt, & a bag of truffles.

Wild Breaker
Career Skills: Tracking d6, Fighting d6, & Channeling d4
Career Edges: Arcane Resistance, Arcane Background (Miracles - Reynard)
Trappings: A barbed wire net, a long spear, & the reason you hunt.

Hedge Mage
Career Skills: Tracking d4, Spellcasting d6, & Knowledge (Arcane Matters) d6
Career Edges: Arcane Background (Sorcery), Healer
Trappings: A healer's kit, an athame & the ghost of your master.

Career Skills: Survival d6, 3 skill points
Career Edges: Scrounger, Luck
Trappings: An unorthodox weapon & 2 rolls with Scrounger before play starts.

Career Skills: Swimming d8, Climbing d4, & Survival d4
Career Edges: Level Headed, Ambidextrous
Trappings: A boat, a leather jack, and a bottle of strong cider. 

Career Skills: +2 to one power, Stealth d6, & Intimidation d4
Career Edges: Arcane Background (Chimera), Fast Healer
Trappings: Fragments from a pactstone

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Borchardbriar: Whisper Careers

Saltbite Watchman
Career Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6, & Survival d4
Career Edges: First Strike, Counterattack
Trappings: A spear, a crossbow, & an eye on the horizon.

Red Rock Fanatic
Career Skills: Intimidation d8, Notice d4, & Fighting d4
Career Edges: Berserk, Nerves of Steel
Trappings: A long knife, a fine set of clothing, & religious relics.

Magna Loyalist
Career Skills: Healing d8, Stealth d4 & Fighting d4
Career Edges: Sidekick, Brave
Trappings: A healer's kit, a silver amulet on a chain & an eager beaver.

Snakebite Bootlegger
Career Skills: Stealth d6, Persuasion d6, & Intimdate d4
Career Edges: Liquid Courage, Luck
Trappings: A jar of lampblack, a wicked blade & knowing the roads like the back of your hand

Career Skills: Stealth d8 & Survival d6
Career Edges:Woodsman, Elan
Trappings: a hatchet, a fringed leather jack & d6 spring-loaded traps

Career Skills: Climbing d6, Streetwise d6, Gambling d4
Career Edges: Alertness, Quick
Trappings: A 10' lamplighter's pole, matches & d6 jars of lamp oil

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Borchardbriar: Careers in the Vault

Chestnut Mobster
Career Skills: Fighting d4, Streetwise d8, & Intimidate d4
Career Edges: Ambidexterous, Two-Fisted
Trappings: 2 knuckle dusters, a flask of snakebite, & a hard stare.

Street Performer
Career Skills: Persuade d6, Taunt d6, Channel d4
Career Edges: Charismatic, Arcane Background (Miracles)
Trappings: a battered hat, a worn songbook, & an heirloom instrument.

Career Skills: Persuade d6, Knowledge (Supply & Demand) d6,
Career Edges: Connections, Beast Bond
Trappings: a ledger book, the Rich edge in goods, & an ornery beast of burden.

Inspector for Public Safety
Career Skills: Investigation d8, Shooting d4, & Repair d4
Career Edges: MacGyver, Level Headed
Trappings: crossbow pistol, forged documents, & a quota of hazards to find.

Red Branch Prospect

Career Skills: Throwing d6, Climbing d4, Stealth d4 & Fighting d4
Career Edges: Acrobat, Frenzy
Trappings: 3 javelins, distinctive tartan, & a sign of your paramour's affection.

Career Skills: Fighting d8, Gambling d4 & Notice d4
Career Edges: Sweep, Martial Artist
Trappings: a set of wraps & a signed death waiver.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Borchardbriar: Stonebones Careers

Career Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d4, & Stealth d4
Career Edges: Block, Hard to Kill
Trappings: A heavy shield, worn mail shirt, & survivor's guilt.

Voice of Lost Children
Career Skills: Persuasion d8, Taunt d4, & Intimidation d4
Career Edges: Arcane Background (Haunted), Strong Willed
Trappings: A crystal ball, mystic's robes, & an appointment in three hours.

Career Skills: Lockpicking d6, Fighting d4, & Persuasion d6
Career Edges: Combat Reflexes, Danger Sense
Trappings: A small, sharp blade, a hidden set of lockpicks, & a righteous cause.

Velvet Glove Informant
Career Skills: Notice d6, Investigation d6, & Streetwise d4
Career Edges:  Fleet-Footed, Quick Draw
Trappings: Nondescript tunic, 2 homing pigeons, & a handler who's leaning on you.


Career Skills: Survival d6, Investigation d6, Gambling d4
Career Edges: Luck, Dodge
Trappings: A large pick axe, hooded lantern, & gambling debts.

Career Skills: Persuasion d4, Taunt d4, Intimidation d4, Stealth d4, Streetwise d4
Career Edges: Command, Connections
Trappings: A leather jack, soapbox, & d6 pamphlets for various causes

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Borchardbriar: Clowdertown Careers

Litterbox Cutpurse
Career Skills: Lockpicking d6, Stealth d6, & Climbing d4
Career Edges: Thief, Scrounger
Trappings: Black-hooded tunic, lockpicking tools, & d4 sacks.


Career Skills: Survival d8 & Tracking d6
Career Edges: Quick, Marksman
Trappings: Bow, a seasoned leather jerkin, & this morning's catch.

"Big Tom"
Career Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d4, & Knowledge (urban terrain) d4
Career Edges: Brawny, Combat Sense
Trappings: A blade, a patched leather jerkin, & a bad reputation.

Fat Cat
Career Skills: Persuasion d8 & Knowledge (academics) d6
Career Edges: Rich, Attractive
Trappings: Expensive clothes, a notorious piece of jewelry, & d4 hangers-on

Sister of the Alley
Career Skills: Healing d6, Notice d6, & Survival d4
Career Edges: Common Bond, Beast Master
Trappings: Robes, a silver charm on a chain, & d6 votive candles depicting various saints

Meow Street Runner
Career Skills: Investigation d6, Intimidation d6, & Streetwise d4
Career Edges: Investigator, Connections
Trappings: Truncheon, leather jerkin, & the Badge

This was a pretty quick and dirty mash up of Savage Rifts' MARS packages with WFRP's Careers. In character creation, you pick a sort of Furred Folk and a Career after spending your 5 stat points. I'll do 6 careers for the other three Holdfasts & the Open Road.