Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Furred Folk of Stonebones

Great in girth and stature, the great lords of Stonebones all belong to different clans, each holding a Book of Sacred Grudges. Ascending to the Iron Council requires erasing a grudge with the perpetrator's blood.

Big Boned- Start with a d8 in Strength and can raie it to a d12+1. Also the Brawny Edge if their Vigor qualifies.
Rival - Every clan has bad blood with someone.  Ever Badger has the Enemy Hindrance (Major).
Sluggish - Badger can be a bit slow, trusting in their mass to prevent injury. -1 Parry

Before the Badgers came and Stonebones was even a city, the Moles burrowed through the Eastmarches. Their shallower tunnels were used by the Ironlors before the strip mining began in earnest. Mole darkseers fear the Pits may release sightless horrors if they go too deep.

Burrowing - Moles can burrow through loose  earth and move through it at half Pace
Claws - A Mole's heavy claws keep him from counting as unarmed. They also deal Str+d6 with AP 2.
Bad Eyes - Moles suffer a -2 on any Trait roll to Shoot or Notice something further than 5' away.
Whether they're Rats or Mice is an internal division, to everyone else they're Roden. Small, quick and always on edge, they've found a niche in Stonebones operating the foundries and furnaces. A dangerous place for any Beast, but there will always be more Roden.

Everybody's Punching Bag - Constant. Vigiliance. Sums up the Rodens' life. They start with the Danger Sense and the Quick edges.
Small - Roden just run short. -1 Toughness.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stonebones: Places and Faces

You know you're getting close to Stonebones when the forest withers away under a heavy coat of soot, replaced by hills of cinders and waste. The few trees left stab upward, twisted and barren. A smog choked sparrow or the odd poisoned fish are your only company beyond the Pits. These strip mines encircle the smoke-belching urban beast, worked by a combination of convict labor and freebeast.

The Badgers rule their city in a "gentler" mirror of Reynard's tyranny. The city's majority population are held by indentured servitude, contractually serving the Ironlords and every expense adding to their time. The only way to shorten their time is by volunteering their young for Reynard's Cooking Pot. The Resistance thought the city would be a fertile recruiting ground amongst the Rocen. Unfortunately the Velvet Glove dispenses hefty rewards to informants snitching on demagogues and Resistance operatives. 

Places of Interest

Church of the Chain- This church of Tooth & Claw holds to the food chain as it's liturgy.

Rodrig's Box & Tackle - This shop sells fishing gear and other... useful things even if there isn't any real demand for it. Whatever you pull from the streams is too wrong and too poisoned to eat. Rodrig's been dead awhile now. His son, Ronauld, can't bring himself to change the sign.

The Love Below - To escape the crushing work-day, most Roden fall iunto vice. No place caters to their needs with bawdy entertainment or a bottle of Snakebite quicker, or cheaper, than the Love Below.

The Ingot - This upper crust establishment works to maintain a "working class" feel. A gang of Badger roustabouts slum and racketeer surrounding businesses. 

Sunny Burrows Golf Course - One of the oldest Pits has since been converted into a sprawling golf course. With high fences and dense security patrols, only the richest make it through the front door. The smoke filled clubhouse has become a center of power.

Beasts of Interest
Rojo-   A Hardback smuggler, she usually hustles ore. But for a low price she will transport  Roden indentures as well.

Rollosson- The life of the party, this Bear acrobat's smiling face conceals a cold heart. He hasn't come to Stonebones looking for a good time. 

Nicolo -  A Minister of the Velvet Glove, the Ironlords' secret police. Nicolo feels guilt for his part in Roden oppression.

The Magnificent Aurelius - A "medium" who puts Roden families in touch with their "departed" children. He crosses over 3 nights a week to a packed house. Tickets start at 50 coin.

 Alphonsus Sunflash - An Ironlord eager for stories from outside and Far Away. He retains an extensive entourage of exotic Folk to entertain him. Rolloson is one such member.

The Blind Man - Same as any Mole prospector by day. At night she stalks Stonebones' slouching buildings and shadowy alleyways, handing out vigilante justice.

The Murder - Concealed by sooty clouds and blackened roofs, a cabal of Crows wind skeins of secrets and blackmail across the city.  See them if you've got pressing business but no starting place. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Borchardbriar: Sorcerery, Spellcasting, and other Strangeness part 1

Arcane Background (Magic)
Arcane Skill: Spellcasting (Smarts)

If you listen to a magician they'll tell you everything has a place and a time, a Great Work woven by the mysterious Spinners. Magic is simply tugging the yarns of Mystery. This oversimple explanation downplays the dangers of Magic. There are limits to how much a cautious magician can accomplish without putting herself at risk. Luckily others have stretched the ties that bind, they just happen to be jealous of their knowledge. Their paranoia is rather justified.
There are rumors that a cabal, the Cradle, is snuffing out magicians and hiding their grimoires.
Starting Powers: 3
Available Powers: armor, banish, blind, boost/lower trait, clairvoyance, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, puppet, slow, slumber, teleport, wall walker
Backlash:  The Spinners hate it when someone meddles in their Great Work. When the magician's Spellcasting die rolls a 1, the caster suffers 2d6 damage

Arcane Background (Miracles)
Arcane Skill: Channel (Spirit)
The Lost History chronicles great wars between numerous Patrons and their followers among the Folk tearing apart the Land.  But that time lays beyond anybeast's living memory and now there are only two Patrons: the Fox King Reynard and the Forgotten 3. The miracleworker is a conduit for the Patron's power often directly infusing their Patron's properties upon their bodies.
Miracleworking Folk for Far Away places like the Burning Lands and Manykings bring foreign Patrons with them.
Starting Powers: 2
Available Powers: armor, barrier, boost trait, darksight, deflection, environmental protection, healing, quickness, speak language, and more depending on the Patron.
Trappings: The performer requires a totem representing their Patron to connect with their power. Without it, they suffer a -2 to their Channel rolls. If lost or destroyed, a new one can be created in 1d6 hours and costs a level of Fatigue. It will take 24 hours to recover.
Backlash: Patrons are greedy. When the miracleworker's Channel die rolls a 1, they lose a Fatigue level. Fatigue lost this way cannot be recovered without making a sacrifice.
Reynard's Favors: blast, confusion, lower trait, shape change, speed
Forgotten 3's Favors: beast friend, burrow, intangibility, succor

Reminder: Borchardbriar uses the "No Power Points" rules variant found in Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition.