Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kismet: Children of Smokeless Fire

At the farthest edges of the map and around the corner is where you will find the paths to Djinnistan, a primal and dangerous place where magic runs like water.  This unseen land is home to the djinn, Fate's first attempt at sentience.  They proved too undisciplined to be given dominion over Creation, and so were tucked away behind the wind.  Philosophers, sorcerers, and rulers of the Patchwork Kingdoms made pacts with the children of smokeless fire to resist the Black Empire and their horde of necromechanical abominations.  Through these dealings many djinn were free to wander Creation as they wanted, but that changed with the coming of the Prophet.  Bearing the Book of Fate the Prophet united the Patchwork Kingdoms, overthrew the Black Empire, bound the Dead Gods, and struck the Great Pact with the chosen Padishah of the 4 Great Houses.

The Great Houses are Ruby (fire/Efreet), Pearl (water/Marid), Sapphire (air/Jann), and Citrine (earth/Dao.) Representing the four elements of Creation, the Houses hold the most consolidated power in the realm.  They appoint the Padishah from among their number based on circumstances, there are frequent struggles to change officeholder whenever there is a shift peace to strife and vice versa. The current Padishah is the Citrine Arezoo beni Dilshad, the Princess Tectonic of the Flawless Fault.

The Great Pact allows members of the Great Houses to enter Creation as long as they are bound to an object and grant three wishes.  In exchange they may leverage a great service or favor, this can range from arranged marriages.  Though there are lesser tribes, they must abide by the terms of the Great Pact signed by the Padishah.  Bestial in mien, they nevertheless find their own ways into Creation through Old Paths, violation of the Great Pact carries consequences even if they are not caught.  Transgressors are robbed of reason and filled with raw, unbridled fury, making them easier to detect and bind to lamps and other objects.