Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kismet: Barbarians, Bards, Clerics, & Druids

One of the things that enriches a setting, before are the social connections character classes bring with them: if you're a wizard where did you go to school? How does that affect your interactions with others?
The rest of the classes will be posted this week.

  • Barbarians are wild warriors, hailing from a place and group outside the 7 Great Cities: among the Nomad Tribes of the Empty Kingdom, the caravan guards of the Salt Cartels, the chill War Lands to the north, the Countless Kings to the south east, the Sea of Grass in the Land of Lions or any other far flung locale.  Places ruled by blood and feud rather than the Book of Fate, when you relate an anecdote from your distant homeland you gain Inspiration.
  • Bardic Colleges all have an initiation before you become a member and gain the benefits.  The College of Lore demands a rare tome from barbaric lands, the College of Valor requires you to win a match at a Fight House, and the College of Honey holds the Feast of Flowers.  Membership means you can draw upon your membership for resources, the College of Lore has access to the University, etc.

  • Clerics' affiliation with the 7 Virtuous Ones is on display in their clothing, each is associated with a color. Men and women of the cloth are under a variety of behavioral and dietary strictures, breaking them may result in a loss of station as the light of virtue no longer shines through their soul.  Restoration of spiritual powers would either require great acts of contrition or conversion to the Elder Cults or worship of the Beast Gods.  Continued good standing allows you to levy aid from the faithful, and the Mamluk Societies within the 7 Cities.
  •  Druids practice the Old Faith, the religion that was practiced before the Prophet emerged from the Empty Kingdom bearing the Book of Fate. These Elder Cults persist on the edges of the civilization, in wayhouses, oases, roadside shrines, and ruined temples where Fate's priesthood visits infrequently.  Offering worship to regional spirits, fey lords of hollow light, or geography once animate; the Elder Cults fall short of the savagery practiced by the Beast Gods and their cults but they are no more welcome within the civilized walls of the Caliphate's cities.  

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