Thursday, August 2, 2018

Borchardbriar 5 Adventures

Infiltration - Underdim Union Hall - A bound Chimera - Additional target is a gang of poachers
Unoccupied since the Underdim Union was broken, the old building has new life after nightfall. Seems a gang of poachers captured a Chimera and they're using her to run blood sports a couple nights each week. Otherwise they're selling snakebite under the table. Chimeras can be powerful, though dangerous, allies.

Sowing unrest - Ms. Kitty's - Civilian authorities that support Reynard - Target didn't show
The Cell is camped out in the back rooms of Ms. Kitty's, waiting to confront members of Clowdertown's government that support Reynard. After some close calls and recruiting among the staff and clientele, the targets don't show up. Were they tipped off?

Surveillance - This Old Chestnut - A cotorie of childthieves - Something equally pressing has come up - assassination of a foul sorcerer.
This Old Chestnut is a mob bar, everyone knows that. Now it's also quartering a kidnapping ring. They're running a sophisticated scheme, they snatch some kiddos and a "private finder" reaches out to them once their grief goes public. Extorting the parents while the kit is off to Borchardbriar in chains. The night the Cell moves into position, they hear an occultist is performing a ritual at a nearby cemetery/burnt out church/orphanage/place of woe. This may be the only chance to bring him down. Do they split the party?

Delivery - Leaky Moon Distillery - A criminal gang - The cell gets ambushed by a third party
The illegal trade in snakebite lays the bedrock for other illicit hustles across the Land. What's a Moon Market without some hooch? This is supposed to be a milk run, the cell is picking up some old barrels from the Leaky Moon Distillery and delivering them to Little Bobo, a backwoods distiller. Counterfeiting provenance is a pretty victim less crime. The trouble starts when local crook Maeve and her crew burgle the Distillery and aren't particularly keen on witnesses.

Criminal activity - The Ingot - an infamous Wyldbreaker - They've been double-crossed by someone in the cell
Power collects power, the fundamental truth of Stonebones. Just as Sunny Burrows solidified its place as a locus of the rich and elderly, the Ingot is the dark, angry mirror. Superficially resembling a Roden juke joint, it's the defacto meeting place for a conspiracy of embittered Ironheirs. The Badgers have scraped together enough coin to attract the infamous Barbaro Grindstone to the city. You goal? Slip into the back room and stash a nest of inkbeetles to find out their next move. They'll transcribe whatever sounds they pick up so you've gotta be careful. Too loud and you'll get a ton of useless scribbling. Too quiet and they won't get anything.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Last Parsec Archetypes: Rooga Usquebaugh

The sad story of McDowell Prime definitely casts the JumpCorp's benevolent reputation in doubt, the full story is lost in the shuffle of Tyran Freenze's war. You might ask, how you lose a whole planet? Looking back the chaos of JumpCorp's largest internal struggle, it's actually pretty easy. Regardless, now there's a sizable asteroid thicket and the Roogas clinging to what's left of their homeworld. Organized into loose "mobs" each maintains an oral history of the wrong done to them by various offworlders. No matter how long the litany of grudges, they all end with "JumpCorp stole the land beneath our feet."

Sometimes who you have on the ship is as important as what you're carrying. One of the few constraints that JumpCorp puts on its Charters is on the quantity of intoxicants, especially alcohol. Luckily for the crew and the destination, a good usquebaugh can make liquor out of nearly anything.

SPECIES - ROOGA - Sunrunner - +2 vs heat and a Pace of 10, Tough as a Coffin Nail - Start with a Vigor of D8, Turn Around - A history of colonial exploitation has taught the Rooga to get theirs whenever they can. Start with the Greedy Hindrance.

STATS - Strength D4 Agility D8 Vitality D8 Smarts D6 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Athletics D6 Fighting D8 Shooting D8 Notice D6 Knowledge (Chemistry) D8 Repair D8
EDGES - Liquid Courage

HINDRANCES -  Bad Luck (Major), Hard of Hearing (Minor), Loyal (Minor)
EQUIPMENT - Body Armor, Laser Pistol (deals 1-3D6, more damage costs more charges.), Water Filter, Re-Breather, Smuggled Liquor Collection (includes Wasabi 6, Evil Bear, and Salty Treat among others), CapsuleCo. Distillery

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Last Parsec Archetypes: Cerato Labor Organizer

All the world that's owned by idle drones is ours and ours alone
We have laid the wide foundations; built it skyward stone by stone.
It is ours, not to slave in, but to master and to own.
While the union makes us strong. 
- Ralph Chaplin, "Solidarity Forever"

Standing seven feet tall and weighing over half a ton, the gentle giants from Chordat Tau are one of the most imposing species in the Know Worlds. Descended from large herbivores the Cerato are defined by two things - their horns and the herd. The Cerato dominated their planet through cooperation and defensive thorniness. It was easier to get along than to take them on. Something JumpCorp surveyors learned when they made first contact during an age of steam powered exploration. Falling under the Cerato's pheromones, the surveyors jump-started the saurians' introduction to the Known Worlds. Distressed at the deep cultural divisions and corporate indenture in the Big Empty, the Cerato adopted the Sisyphean task of re-defining civic discourse through the milieu of shared interest and labor solidarity. Calling their venture the Intersolar Freelancers Union, they actively recruit from a wide range of vocations and species, making tremendous headway among synthetics. Adopting android emancipation as a tent pole issue, the IFU is currently engaged in legal action against Tykon Corp in several fringe systems.
Cerato is singular and plural.

SPECIES - CERATO - Natural Weapons (their horns deal Strength + D6), Cooperative Pheromones (+2 Charisma), Sponsorship (Rich Edge) -or- Solidarity (Common Bond Edge), Environmental Weakness (Cold), Low Tech Society

STATS - Strength D6 Agility D6 Vitality D6 Smarts D8 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Fighting D6 Investigation D8 Shooting D6 Persuade D6 Streetwise D8 Notice D8
PARRY 5  TOUGHNESS  Rich 11(6) -or- Bond 9(4) CHARISMA +2
EDGES - Connections -or- Lucky
HINDRANCES -  Heroic -or- Death Wish (Major) Gotta make quota- 500 new members, Vow (Minor) The herd is all, Enemy (Minor)
EQUIPMENT - Rich- Gatling Particle Accelerator (2d8+4, AP 2, ROF 4), Combat Armor (Armor 6), Molecular Knife (D6+D4+2, AP 2), Personal Data Device, Water Filter, Rebreather, a brand new Hovercycle, Intersolar Freelancer Union Automemberships for new members, $100 spending cash 
-Common Bond- Particle Accelerator Rifle (2d8+2, AP 2) Body Armor (Armor 4), Molecular Knife (D6+D4+2, AP 2), Water Filter, Rebreather, Intersolar Freelancer Union Automemberships for new members, $850
Austomemberships are form-fillable ID cards that take photos and genetic information of an IFU member.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Last Parsec Archetypes: Truf Field Medic

Between arboreal titans swaddling planets and deader-esque seeds taking root in deceased husks, plant-based sentients are a diverse lot beyond the slight, flowery leeks. For instance, look at the intelligent fungi of Sequoia Prime. Dwelling in subterranean cities carved from the root network of deceased forerunners earned them the nickname "trufs". Their bipedal forms are actually a super-organism of cooperating colonies in constant chemical communication. Each colony has it's own sensory organs so while a truf's body is functionally covered in eyeballs, it can be difficult to parse all the information. The truf were exposed to the Big Empty when flaming wreckage and an escape pod crash landed. Though the serran occupant died from his injuries the truf city learned the best way they knew how - consumption. Horrified by their actions once they had expanded context, the truf species as a whole made a concerted effort to join the larger galactic community and ease suffering.

Truf use plural pronouns.

SPECIES - TRUF - Hardy, Regeneration - or Whole Body is a Brain (+1 die size to Smarts), No Vital Organs, Dependency (Moisture/water), Environmental Weakness (Heat/Fire), Bad Eyes

STATS - Strength D4 Agility D6 Vitality D6 Smarts D8 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Healing D8 Notice D6 Knowledge (Science) D4 Repair D6 Shooting D6 Weird Science D10
EDGES Arcane Background (Weird Science), Luck
HINDRANCES -  Pacifist -or- Curious (Major), Stubborn (Minor), Big Mouth (Minor) 
EQUIPMENT - Tranquilizer Pistol (2d6+1, causes Fatigue rather than Wounds), Medi-Scanner, Body Armor, 10 tubes of Medi-Gel, Personal Data Device, $100 spending cash.
POWER - Xenoherbal Medication (Boost Trait) -or- Ablative Mushroom Patch (Deflection) -or- Hallucinogenic Spores (Fear)-or- Anesthetic Aerosol (Stun) -or- 2 Fun guys (Summon Ally)

Monday, June 25, 2018

Last Parsec Archetypes: Rokishi

One of the most popular sports in the Known Worlds, RoboSumo's regulating body is a mega-corp in its own right. The objective is simple - remove your opponent from the ring via push or pull, no closed fists. The Kumite Directive manufactures competitors, sets the standings, designates tonnage, referees matches, and negotiates the broadcast distributions for the hundreds of tournaments that take place across the galaxy. The competing droids are organized in indentured stables (also called heya) and earn out their contracts through victories. Most rokishi continue competing long after their indenture ends, though they aren't an uncommon sight on JumpCorp vessels. Life outside the ring is hard for synthetic beings built for ritual combat, constant drills and contests leave little room to develop other skills.

Rokishi names combine the name of their stable and the last two digits of their serial number, they often take on new names after completing their indenture.

The Rokishi is inspired by Brando and Hercules,  from Urasawa's manga Pluto. There's a great article on the series here. Also check out 17776, which is excellent. Wikipedia's synopsis is here.

SPECIES - DROID - Construct, Mods, Vow (Major) Loyalty to the Kumite Directive and abiding by their rulings, Weakness (Electricity) +4 damage from electricity, Outsider (Major) Terminator prejudice, Dependency (Recharging)
MODIFICATIONS - Increase Size x 2

STATS - Strength D10 Agility D8 Vitality D6 Smarts D6 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Athletics D8 Fighting D10 Intimidate D6 Notice D6 Knowledge (Botany) D6 Knowledge (your choice) D4
EDGES - Geared Up
HINDRANCES -  Overconfident -or- Clueless (Major), Quirk (Minor) the courtesies of ritual combat, Obese (Minor)
EQUIPMENT - Atomic Palms (d10+d4+d6, on a raise deal +d10), Body Armor (+4 Armor), $300 in spending cash

SAMPLE NAMES - Rikkidozan61,  Leontiskos51, Wakahamada02, MontBlanc21, Rousey11, Milo88, Akebono79, Gesicht38, Gracie92, Severn13, Kimura27, Kototenzan40

Friday, June 1, 2018

TORG: No Place Like Home

With Torg Eternity's release, Tharkold is my favorite cosm. This mash-up of Terminator, Dark City, and Hellraiser is even more interesting because the savage frontier of the Blasted Land is on its doorstep. I want it to be more Stalker/Roadside Picnic than Mad Max. 
Here's my first step towards making that happen. Because everyone needs a cool home base. 

With the Federation allied with the Reality Raiders, everyday Russian life adopts levels of scrutiny and suspicion rivaling the Cold War. The cities close off as the military seizes transit ways while fleets of surveillance drones scour the countryside. Outside the Wolf's piercing gaze, the Blasted Land is an Ostern dream. The rugged mix of taiga and arid waste awash in  nano-weirdness makes surviving here a rough proposition. Even if insurgency is the best/only way to oppose Tharkold without sparking World War 3. To operate in the Blasted Land, you need an outpost.
First you pick 3-5 features, followed by 2 internal conflicts, and 2 external threats.

Simeon Todorov
Features (pick 3-5)- an abandoned prison, shanties, crude farming, all these pigeons, tunnels into underground vaults, moldy tarps and re-purposed plastics collecting rainwater, feral kids, trailer park chemistry lab, wrecked automobiles or airplanes, rail yard with a working yard goat, Orthodox church sanctuary, heavy industrial remains, eerie totems and graffiti, glowing algae, bustling marketplace, motor pool worth bragging, a fine coating of rust, a well-stocked infirmary, a rickety still made from a radiator, alien flora in bloom, sophisticated armory, an autofactory running on fumes, a library with mixed knowledge, a high frequency radio antennae, exercise bike generator, at a crossroads, so much barbed wire, watch towers with good sightlines

Conflicts (choose 2)- squalid conditions breed sickness, you owe protection tribute, there isn't enough work to go around, scant weaponry, you're a bunch of jackals, too many mouths to feed, potable water is scarce, there aren't very many of you, you provide protection to other outposts, plans of action, faith traditions or lack thereof, psychic privacy, people come and go as they please, your technology is finicky and fragile, the desperate escape with a needle

Threats (choose 2)- two Tharkoldu prides fighting over territory, a labour of bear-sized moles, "Krokodil" a predatory trader, psychic raiders threatening your food and secrets, man-eating anomalies triggered by iron, packs of pangolin scaled wolves, deniable military personnel, gray goo breaking down organic matter, a borganism calling themselves "Zmei", Koschie necrotechnicians were drawn by a recent battle, a recently seeded gospog farm, cenobites worshiping the Blast, weird weather like skyquakes and acid rain, a squad of "Laika" Retrievers stalk the area, cracks in Reality's sidewalk

Fallout 4's Pilgrim mod

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Borchardbriar Adventure Generator Part 2

Who's the target?
2-5 - A criminal gang or syndicate, maybe a Wild Sounder
6-8 - A coterie of Raynard's childthieves
9-10 - Civilian authorities that support Reynard's reign
Jack - An infamous Wyldbreaker
Queen -A foul sorcerer who's bargained with the Mad King
King-Ace - A Chimera has moved in, could it be an asset? (black = wild/red = broken)
Joker - One of Reynard's Winnowers is in town (black = the Bellringer/red = the Penitent)

What's gone wrong?
2-5 - They've been double-crossed by someone in the cell. Who was it?
6-8 - The target didn't show. Were they warned?
9-10 - Something equally pressing has come up and timing is too tight for both operations. Draw a new set of cards to generate a parallel adventure. Do they split the party?
Jack - Someone's raised the alarm! Bells! Flares! Watchmen on every street corner!
Queen - The cell has been ambushed by (black= 3rd party/red = Reynard's forces). Do they fight or flee?
King-Ace - There's an additional target of opportunity. Do you take it?
Joker - Depends. Black Joker = Everything goes smooth, for once. Red Joker = Someone has sold you out and provided extensive details to the enemy, there's a bounty on the cell's heads.