Thursday, October 18, 2018

Blackwood: Stretched to Breaking

14 years since the Elder King went missing.  Through all the hardship and uncertainty, the Kingdom's subjects held onto hope. Believing that the King would return in due time while the Hedges and Errants stood firm against the ever marching elven forest.
Then the Giants marched.

Striding from the deep Woods and walking through the Hedges like cobwebs, no one knows precisely where they came from. There's always one person in a village who swears their missing nephew looked just like the Giant that came through last week. Traditional folkways, effective against elvenkind, don't bother them and the deadliest Errant finds them a stalwart foe.

STATS - Strength D12+3 Agility D6 Vigor D10 Smarts D4 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Fighting D8
EDGES - Brute, Nerves of Steel

LARGE - Attackers add +2 to hit.
SMASH - Str+D8 Damage Whether or not you hit, enemies nearby need to roll Agility or get knocked prone.
SNATCH - Str Damage Roll Strength vs an opponent's Strength or Agility roll. If the Giant succeeds, they're grappled.
CHEW- Str+D12 Damage only available if it successfully grappled someone.

WEIRD POWERS - Choose 1 or 2
Corpsemaker - The Giant doesn't require a raise on its damage roll to begin inflicting Wounds (ex: if your Toughness is 8 and the Giant deals 8 damage, you are both Shaken and suffer your first Wound.)

Footless - The Giant lacks feet, walking on the wind. The Giant gains Stealth D8 and imposes a -2 penalty to detect via sound.

Handfuls of Teeth - The Giant has two additional mouths on its hands. They gain Improved Frenzy and their BITE no longer requires grappling.

100 Hands and 50 Heads- Instead of two conventional human arms, the Giant as two massive multi-jointed appendages comprised of standard human limbs, opponents now roll at -4 to avoid/escape grappling. In addition the Giant has 360 degree vision from a plethora of standard sized heads sprouting from a Giant-sized neck.

Maddening Giggle - When the Giant is hit but not Wounded, all characters in the scene must make a Spirit test at a -2 or gain the Distracted status. The Giant titters at their feeble efforts.

A Glandular Problem - Whenever the Giant is successfully hit, its Size increases by 1. This also  increases their Toughness by 1.

Pukey - The Giant can hork up a gut full of Lonely Riverwater. Place the medium cone template, Errants have to make an Agility check vs the Giant's Vigor to avoid the spew. Which Lonely River is it? Roll 1D4 - 1-Misery (Draw 2 Action Cards and take the lowest) 2-Hatred (Turn on their allies) 3-Venom (-2 to soak rolls) 4-Terror (Roll on the Fear table)

Walking Wound - The Giant cannot be killed or knocked unconscious with damage. It only slows down and stops when it's exhausted. Then they nap.

Witches' Eyes - The Giant's eyelids are full of normal human eyes, bunched together like grapes. Or compound eyes. Gain Fear -4.

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Blackwood: Stone Lion School

Impetuous action and refusing to weigh the odds - traits shared by the suicidally brave and adherents of the Stone Lion. Named for the fearsome beasts guarding ruins from the bygone Days of Light. Their dense flesh blunts the mightiest blow and heavy claws crush the toughest foe. Several stand guard over the legendary Red Gryphon Court. Wielding great blades like the Autumn wind sweeps leaves, the Elder Kingdom has been lucky Lord Manu's graduates are engaged elsewhere.
For now.

REQUIREMENTS: Vigor D8, Intimidation D6, Taunt D6
CORE PHILOSOPHY: Wood (+1 vs River)
ASPIRING - Ferocity- Aspiring students roll a Wild die along with their normal damage, add the die's result to the total when the Wild Die is even.
WORTHY - Valor - Worthy Students gain their opponents' Gang up bonus when the student is outnumbered.
MASTER - Unbreakable- Masters of Stone Lion fight through wounds that will cripple lesser men. Reduce wounds penalties suffered by -1. This stacks with Edges with similar effects.

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Blackwood: The Misplaced Prince

"Rumor has it the Elder King and the Crown Prince disappeared together, on the same night. What if I told you that was a lie? Not a deliberate falsehood but an accident of happenstance."

"How would I know? Because I took him, you loiter-sack. Swapped him for a bundle of sticks and mud convinced it's the Prince. I had to. My Lord doesn't take "NO" for an answer. Really the boy hadn't been in the Palace for a month."

"The lump fooled everybody, even the King though he could've seen through it if he'd cared."

"Don't look at me like that! It's no revelation the King was disappointed in Prince Gareth. Just ask around the Palace, the servants are TERRIBLE gossips. I can't blame the King though. He thought the boy was softheaded. Really I did Gareth a favor, when you think about it."

"14 years is a long time, longer in Red Gryphon Court. You've heard of it?"

"Aye, the Light's Lost Stronghold turned sword seminary and slaughter-ground by King Ember-Eye's immortal foes. My Lord sharpened the boy into a fearsome swordsman and turned him loose. Goes by the name Rikar now."

"Why am I telling you all this? Can't help it since you offered me a meal; geas & all. Now drink up. That Blissberry juice you've been sipping for the past hour won't work on its own. Give it some help."

- Rustle, notorious Pagan Childthief

CULTURE -Human - Rikar begins with the Aspiring Student (Stone Lion) Edge from his time in Red Gryphon Court.

BADGE OF ERRANTRY - A cloak clasp of autumn leaves forming a lion's face.
RANK - Seasoned
STATS - Strength D8 Agility D8 Vigor D8 Smarts D6 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Fighting D8, Intimidation D6, Knowledge (Battle) D6, Notice D6, Persuasion D8, Riding D6, Taunt D6
EDGES - Aspiring and Worthy Student (Stone Lion), Brave, Command
HINDRANCES - , Code of Honor (Major, He's a Disney Princess- Have Courage. Be Kind.),  Enemy(Major, From his time as Lord Manu's fosterling, Rikar made an enemy - the Bantam Knight, Sir Ironside.), Emotional (Minor, The state of the Elder Kingdom pulls Rikar into bouts of melancholy.)
Greatsword (1D8+1D10 Damage), Plate armor (+3 armor to torso, arms, and legs), Kettle Helm,  Badge of Errantry, Hearth Bread, Errant's Kit, His father's signet ring

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here

This backstory was generated using the Ultimate RPG Backstory Guide by James D'Amato. You can find that here

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Blackwood: Frog's 5 Scars

In sharp contrast to Cannibal Ox and Dust, the taciturn Frog rarely discusses his past or his problems. His story's only clues? The scars he bears, new & old. A favorite past time among the fellowship when he's out of earshot is to speculate and spin yarn.
How did he get them? How long did they take to heal?

A long scar on his brow lends a serious look. Since its nearly faded away, Pin thinks he received as a child. Whatever hit him, hit him hard. His parents were River folk, that's why he's called "Frog".

A ragged swathe of shiny tissue bands her forearm and a missing pinkie finger are surely the sign of a struggle for survival. Cannibal Ox swears up and down that he was raised by wolves. The marks came from a fight for dominance- or fighting a Howler!

The opposite shoulder bears a spearpoint's puckered kiss. Obviously saving his wolf pack from foul hunters. "No good deed goes unpunished" Dust chimes in, "he's obviously called "Frog" because he has no fur!"

Kestrel recognizes a tattoo across the meat of his palms - the Brand of the Hartsworn. A band of Errants dedicated to finding the cairns of Wulf Ember-Eye and his Last 13. They hadn't been heard from in some time.

A burnt orange mark, crooked and deep across his thigh, draws the wildest stories. It's shape and color are ready fuel for Ox and Dust's over eager imaginations. Tall tales tattled aside, Ceryneia suspects the blemish's true origin. The Sun-Eater, a beast chronicled in books written shortly after the Kingdom of Light's fall. Fed bonfires and firecats by Fair Lords should man's dreams of flame encroach too deep.

But they're all just stories anyway.
CULTURE - Woodkin- Keen Ears- Growing up in the Blackwood, Frog gets +2 to Notice checks involving hearing. Superstitious - Frog starts with the Luck Edge and the Superstitious Hindrance.
BADGE OF ERRANTRY - An ancient Howler mask. Scavenged from a cairn in the deep Blackwood.
RANK - Seasoned
STATS - Strength D6 Agility D8 Vigor D6 Smarts D4 Spirit D8
SKILLS - Athletics D6, Boost/Lower Trait D10, Fighting D8, Notice D6, Stealth D8 Survival D6 Thievery D4
EDGES - Arcane Background ((Ancestor Worship) Channeling the spirit haunting his mask), Luck (+1 Benny per session), Magical Trinkets (Once per session, Frog has the right magical trinket for the job.), Frenzy (Make 2 Fighting attacks at a penalty.)
HINDRANCES -  Arrogant (Major, Raised in the wilds and a member of the Hartsworn. He's seen the worst the Blackwood has.), Cautious (Minor, "Measure twice, cut once" has never steered him wrong.), Illiterate (Minor, Frog just doesn't have a head for letters.), Quirk (Minor, Fidgets with his Trinkets when he's anxious.), Vow (Minor, To find the Pheasant Dart and slay the Sun-Eater.)

Axe (1D6+1D8 Damage), Hauberk (+2 armor to torso, arms, and legs), Buckler, Badge of Errantry, Ancestor Beads, Errant's Kit, Full helm

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here

This backstory was generated using the Ultimate RPG Backstory Guide by James D'Amato. You can find that here

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Blackwood: Breathless Pin

Once upon a time there was a young lady who was apprenticed to a  master clockmaker, she showed glimmers of genius and was quick to solve a problem. As long as there was work, everything went well, but when the master's patron was bankrupted she was dismissed, and the master told her she could go wherever she wanted. 

Her parents were dead and she no longer had a home. So, she went to her brothers and asked them to support her until she found a patron. The brothers, however, had hardened their hearts against her and said "What can we do with you? You are too old to find a husband! Begone and make your own way!"

Left with nothing but her tools, she set out into the Wider World. 

Crossing heath, mountain, and sea, she ended her travels in the city of Farwater Beach. There she finds what she was seeking: a home. The apprentice clockmaker built beautiful works, and became a journeyman, and in time she was considered a master.

This bothered her, however, because she had not ascended through the ranks in a traditional manner. To be a master she needed to construct a masterwork. No one could doubt her ambition as she set out to build an automated man.

As word of her project and her progress spread, it caught the attention of those in high places. The clockmaker was approached by an envious noblewoman who bought what she could not make and took what she could not buy. Three times the clockmaker refused the noblewoman, irritated with each interruption as she creeped nearer completion. 

The noblewoman was determined that if she could not own the clockwork man, then no one could. Through her influence a gang of ruffians burned down the clockmaker's workshop with her inside. Delirious from breathing in the smoke, she loosed the incomplete masterwork and fell. Smothered by the burning remnants of the life she had built.

The workshop had become an oven, though they would fare better without air than their creator, the extreme heat played havoc with his springs and sprockets. Surely he would have perished there too, if a fellowship of errants hadn't fought their way into the building to make sure there were no victims.

CULTURE - Automat - An incomplete masterwork that can't be duplicated. Construct (Doesn't need to breathe/sleep/eat, etc.), Cannot Speak (Amelii's prototype larynx was unfinished when the "accident" happened), Clueless (He wasn't raised in a traditional manner, -2 on Common Knowledge rolls), Dependency (His key is in a place he can't reach, someone else must turn it), Noisy (His gears and springs grind,whir, click and clack. -2 on Stealth rolls)
BADGE OF ERRANTRY - A locket containing a picture of their creator, Amelii Rozse.
RANK - Seasoned
STATS - Strength D8 Agility D8 Vigor D8 Smarts D6 Spirit D6
SKILLS -  Athletics D8 Fighting D8, Knowledge (Classics and Music) D6 Lockpicking D6  Repair D4, Weird Science D8 
EDGES - Arcane Background (Clockwork), Aspiring Student (J'Osudeau)
HINDRANCES - Code of Honor (Major, Breathless Pin is dedicated to the Errant virtue of Benevolence, maybe he can teach Cannibal Ox.) Loyal (Minor, Dust and Lady Ceryneia pulled him from the fire. Now no one gets left behind.), Vow (Minor, To avenge the death of Amelii. Kestrel has leads.)
CLOCKWORK POWER - 10 PP - Warrior's Gift (Pin can imitate the fighting style of anyone he's seen)
Lancing Sword (1D8+1D6 Damage, +1 Parry, Ranged 2/4/8), Hauberk (+2 armor to torso, arms, and legs), Buckler (+1 Parry), Badge of Errantry

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here

Monday, September 10, 2018

Blackwood: Kestrel

A shabby, little town at the end of the Elk River, Lehm was once known for its fine pottery. Lead by Burgomeister Franz Fluss, the town prospered under a firm and fair system of taxation for the common good. In the Elder King's absence, taxation and tithe turned into corruption and tyranny. Chief Sentinel Jurgen Shining cited the oncoming winter and seized goods in excess for years.When that fierce winter finally came howling, the provisions distributed were meager. The townsfolk did without and many perished. After that the town started to dry up as people moved away, the river changed course, and their stranglehold cinched tighter. Jurgen never suspected his doom would take flight from young Kestrel's bow.

Orphaned by that cruel winter, Kestrel dealt out justice her deceased friends and family would never know. Eluding capture, she traveled the riverways and trails in the company of outlaws, pagans, and Errants until she fell in with Dust and Breathless Pin. Despite their counsel she still hunts the wicked the Sentinels can't, or won't, touch.

CULTURE - Woodkin - Kestrel starts with a +2 to Notice, the Luck Edge, and the Superstitious Hindrance.
BADGE OF ERRANTRY - A kestrel's embroidered silhouette attached to her gambeson, a gift from her departed parents. Looking a bit careworn she kisses it for good luck.
RANK - Seasoned
STATS - Strength D6 Agility D8 Vigor D6 Smarts D8 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Athletics D8, Fighting D6, Healing D6, Investigation D4, Notice D10, Shooting D10, Stealth D6, Survival D8, Tracking D8
EDGES - Assassin, Aspiring and Worthy Student (Falcon School), Luck, Marksman
HINDRANCES - Emotional (Minor, Kestrel followed her heart after Dust.), Superstitious (Minor, A hundred little rituals for good fortune), Wanted (Major, The Sentinels come down hard when you kill one of their own.), Vengeful (Minor, Nothing angers Kestrel like the guilty escaping their just reward.)
Bow (2D6, Ranged, 12/24/48), Hatcher (2D6, Thrown 3/6/12), Dagger (1D6+1D4, Thrown 2/4/8), Gambeson (+1 armor to torso, arms, and legs), Errantry Kit, Hearthbread, Cap Helm

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here

Friday, September 7, 2018

Blackwood: Lady Ceryneia, Warden Between Wild Wood and Worked Stone

Born to Errant Classicists, Ceryneia isn't a noble in the traditional sense. She is afforded the title at the Neighbors' insistence. Specifically the self styled "High Lord" Manu, who pursues her hand in... matrimony? Eluding her erstwhile suitor, she fell into Kestrel and Breathless Pin's company.

CULTURE - The Margin - No one's too sure where Ceryneia came form, and she's tight lipped about her past. She starts with the Ambidextrous Edge.
BADGE OF ERRANTRY - Her antlered cowl, crafted by her own hand.
RANK - Seasoned
STATS - Strength D6 Agility D6 Vigor D6 Smarts D8 Spirit D8
SKILLS - Fighting D8 Healing D8 Herbalism D8 Knowledge (Beastcraft, Classics, Elves, Religion) D6 Notice D8
EDGES - Ambidextrous, Arcane Background (Herbalism), Aspiring and Worthy Student (Stag's Crown Treatise), Two Fisted
HINDRANCES - Heroic (Major, Despite Ceryneia's disdain for both hapless humans and malicious elves she doesn't want to see anyone hurt), Outsider (Minor, Not really home anywhere), Zealot (Minor, "Don't stray from the path, you idiot."), Vow (Minor, Once the 3 Signs have come to pass, she must marry High Lord Manu. The Elder King's absence is the first sign.)
HERBAL DRAUGHTS (her draughts are teas, steeped in a gourd) - 5 PP each - quickness, boost/lower trait, armor
Quarterstaff (1D6+1D4 Damage, Parry+1, Reach 1), Gambeson (+1 armor to torso, arms, and legs), Errantry Kit, Hearth Bread, Hatchet, Herbalist's Kettle, Sling (2D4 Damage), Antlered Cowl (as a cap helm)

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here