Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kismet: Fighters, Monks, Paladins, & Rangers

  • Fighters are disciplined soldiers and may hail from any of the Golden Caliphate's cities, or any of the locales outside.  The common bond among fighters is their membership to some larger organization; whether it's a Fight House, City Militia, Dogs of War, Holy Slayers, an esoteric Order of the Sword or a Mamluk Society.  Membership comes with perks, the main one is that people can tell you don't mind a scrap and avoid confrontation.

  • The average citizen knows about the Holy Lodges and the paladins they train, but Monks hail from a different tradition entirely.  When the Book of Fate was brought out of the wilderness, many sought to imitate the Prophet and went beyond the grasp of civilization.  In the wilds these rogue philosophers formed groups and shared their insights, and formed the 3 Ways.  Outside the Caliphate, a society as proscribed in the Book, they acquired insight into Fate's Weaving and ways to manipulate the strands.  Since then, they've been nominally brought into the Caliphate's fold and Monks are infrequently seen on city streets performing covert activities.  As a Monk you get an amulet, the Eye of the Leopard, and a mission.  The amulet marks you as an envoy of the Caliph's will, and freedom to do whatever the mission needs but murder.

  • Trained in seclusion behind the high walls of the Holy Lodges, the Paladin is a noble figure dedicated to protecting the foundations of the Caliphate itself.  As Old Chaos wears holes in the Grand Design and spills out, there is greater demand for them to leave their seclusion and return order to the land. Each Lodge is is founded with a specific purpose ranging from rooting out Beast Cults to bodyguards for Djinn emissaries. The War Landers have similar questing knights who seek cuttings from their sacred Tree of Life that lay scattered across the Wide World.
  • Often Rangers are cartographers or seized by wanderlust, questing to find what lies over the next hilltop. Almost exclusively employed by the Salt Cartels to aid them in their long caravan treks into the Grandest Desert.  Those outside the Cartels' employ are given a warning: don't set foot on our trails or you'll lose your feet.  Either way there exists an unofficial brotherhood among wanderers, and you can always find rumors leading to adventure.