Friday, February 2, 2018

Borchardbriar: Frozen Folk

One of the largest Folk, you'll see a Moose before it sees you. Revered by many as the first children of Winter for their resemblance to Hottah the Frozen Sky. Each Northcrown is following a quest known only to them. More and more are charting course for Whisper and the rotten castle of Borchardbriar.

Tall As The Sky - Moose have +3 Size which increases their Toughness by the same amount.  Also increase their Reach by +2 and they can wield two-handed weapons in one hand.
Broad As The Earth - Due to their vast size, Moose pay twice as much for armor.
Lumbering- Moose suffer a -1 penalty on all Agility skills.

Reclusive, the Lynx leverage their secrets and knowledge to attain temporal power. Ruling 3 of the 8 Baronies is no small task, though uniting them into a single front may prove impossible. With their sacred enigmas and the Grand Design, they feel up to the task.

Softpaw - Shifting out of step with the world, Lynx have a +2 to Stealth rolls.
Weavers' Gift - Each Lynx holds a sacred riddle whispered in their ears at birth. Befuddling listeners when it's said aloud. This works like the confusion power rated at d8. this may be increased like any other skill.
Winter's Kin - As obligate carnivores, Lynx suffer -4 Charisma with prey Folk.