Thursday, December 28, 2017

Borchardbriar: Sorcery & Spellcasting Part 2

Arcane Background (Chimera)
Arcane Skill: Special (None, each power has its own skill rating)
Starting Powers: 1
Restriction: This Edge is only available during character creation, if you're from the Open Road. Your maximum Accord is half your Spirit die.

Foundlings and wanderers out on the Open Road are often touched by the Land's Wild magic. Usually bearing mild abnormalities, some are instilled with greater gifts. This Arcane Background covers those characters. Whether it's quills, sharpened claws, pheromones, or a sticky tongue; this Edge covers it.

Example Powers: beast friend, damage field, entangle, smite, and anything else you can work out with your GM.
Backlash: Where you roll a natural one on either for, make an Accord check at a -1. Also any Folkmade structures in the area start to corrode as the Land reclaims territory.

Pactstone Setting Rule
Arcane Skill: Special
Powers: Each Pactstone is attuned to a specific power. 

Any Wild Card can activate a Pactstone to benefit from its power. You must make an untrained Spirit roll with a penalty as if they were casting a spell under the "No Power Points" rule. The penalty can be mitigated on a one-for-one basis by spending points of Accord. Anyone in the area of effect can spend their own Accord to reduce the penalty.

If you have an Arcane Background then you can use the Pactstone to amplify your magic and affect everyone in a medium template, centered on the Pactstone. You will roll your Arcane Skill and you can use a power you already have, or the one that the Pactstone contains.

Backlash: A roll of 1 on either die is a failure. All points of Accord spent are lost, and this triggers an Accord check at no penalty.

Reminder: Borchardbriar uses the "No Power Points" rules variant found in Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Borchardbriar: Warmblooded Drifts

When your Accord drops to 2 or less, replace an Edge with a Drift. To determine how you transform you draw from a deck of playing cards. Draw a card for each point lost. When you gain a Drift, it replaces an Edge. Draw a card from the Action Deck, if it's a black card you gain a Coldblooded Drift and if it's red you gain a Warmblooded Drift.

A - Your sense of smell becomes incredibly sharp. You gain a +2 on all Tracking and Notice rolls involving scent.

2 - Small quills grow along your arms and back. With effort you can sprout more. You gain the damage field power at d6. This can be increased like any other skill.

3 -  The night calls to you. You're at home in the darkness. You require half the sleep of normal Folk.

4 - Your jaws and teeth become as deadly as any blade. You gain a bite attack that deals Str+d8, if you already have a bite attack then increase the damage to a d10.

5 - Sound betrays your surroundings, revealing objects and creatures to your incredibly sensetive ears No penalties in low light conditions, suffer a -2 to Resist sonic based attacks.

6 - Your limbs lengthen and taper into long, graceful limbs. Gain +1 Reach & increase your Pace by 2.

7 - From your brow erupts a crown of horns & antlers. This natural weapon deals Str+d6 with AP 4.

8 - Your constitution becomes incredibly robust and your vital organs keep trucking regardless of damage. Called shots deal no extra damage and you're immune to poison.

9 - The dumb Beasts of forest and field acknowledge you as lord among them. Gain the Beast Bond Edge and the animal companion that comes along with it. The companion has 1 Drift so draw a card from the Action Deck.

10 - You grow a prehensile tail or two. Gain an extra non-movement action per round at no multi-action penalty.

J - Wings sprout from your back. Feathers or leather, your choice. Gain the ability to Fly at Pace + 3.

Q -  Magic rolls off you. Gain the Improved Arcane Resistance Edge, regardless of requirements.

K - You're a conduit to the darkest parts of the Long History. You can call upon the shades of deceased Folk to aid you. Gain the summon ally power at d10. You can increase this like any other skill.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Borchardbriar: The Accord

Outside boundaries of worked stone, the Land is a wild place. The Land's history is filled with forgotten massacres and lost townships overrun. Though the Churches may dispute the history, carving sanctuaries from the Wild Tmes was their greatest act of cooperation. Erecting menhirs and border posts kept out the worst threats, but every Furred Folk holds a seed of savagery in their hearts. As they scrabble to change the future, members of the Resistance must be careful not to become the monsters they fight.

Every Wild Card starts with maximum Accord equal to 2 + half their Spirit die type. As things unfold the GM may call for a Accord check with a modifier based on events. An Accord check is a Spirit roll, the results may modify your current Accord score.

Murder -  Killing for any reason, other than self defense, causes an Accord check at -2.
Backlash - The GM may call for an Accord roll due to Backlash from Powers.
Fear - When you fail a Fear check, lose 1 point of Accord.
Cursed Relic - using a cursed relic causes an Accord check.
Open Road - Each day you're on the Open Road, make an Accord check. Start with a -2 penalty and add +1 for each companion.
Viciousness - Predatory and cruel acts cause an Accord check, with a penalty at the GM's discretion.

Sliding into Savagery
The real risk of losing points of Accord is uncontrolled transformation. As you sink into savagery, your inner monster is made manifest. If you lose enough Accord your character is lost to the Land's madness.

When your Accord drops to 2 or less, replace an Edge with a Drift. To determine how you transform you draw from a deck of playing cards. Draw a card from the Action Deck for each point lost below 3. If it's a black card you gain a Coldblooded Drift and if it's red you gain a Warmblooded Drift.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Borcharbriar: Coldblooded Drifts

When you gain a Drift, it replaces an Edge. Draw a card from the Action Deck, if it's a black card you gain a Coldblooded Drift and if it's red you gain a Warmblooded Drift.

A - Gills blossom along your neck. You cannot drown in water and get a free d6 in the Swim skill.

2 - A flashy, colorful crest that draws the eye and beguiles the weak-willed. +2 to Trick with Persuasion and Intimidate.

3 - Gecko toes. You gain the Wall Walker trait and can scramble up sheer and inverted surfaces at your full Pace.

4 - Terrible jaws. You gain a bite attack that deals Str+d6, if you hit with a Raise then you deal 2d4 bonus damage.

5 - The skin of your paws become brightly hued with warning. With a successful Touch Attack, the victim must roll Vigor or suffer a level of Fatigue.

6 - Pits open beneath your nostrils, allowing you to sense heat. You gain Infravision, halving low light penalties when attacking creatures that give off heat.

7 - You can shoot blood out of your eyes. Suffer a Fatigue level to cause Fear checks within 10 ft. at a -2 penalty.

8 - Your skin/fur changes color and blends into the background. You add +2 to Stealth checks.

9 - Your tongue stretches out and becomes adhesive. You gain the entangle power at a d8. You can increase it later like any skill.

10 - Lost limbs will regenerate. The regrown limbs are brightly colored and moist. You need to water them. You can make a Healing roll once per day.

J - A tortoise shell hardens around your torso. Gain Armor 2, if you already have a shell it becomes Heavy Armor.

Q - Anybeast with coldblood in their veins can be brought under your sway. You gain the beast friend power at a d10. It even works on Folk, but at a penalty equal to half their Smarts die. You can increase it later like any skill.

K - In time, you could be the King of All Monsters. Increase your Size by 2.