Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kismet: The College of Honey - A Bardic College

The Golden Caliphate is an empire replete with entertainers of all stripes, practicing their craft on public street corners and at private affairs.  None draw as much attention or as much obsession as those affiliated with the enigmatic College of Honey.  Raconteurs beyond compare, they beguile the mind with the spoken word.  Distinct among the crowded bazaars and sukhs due to the bright honeycomb pattern of their kaftans.
Sticky Words
When you join the College of Honey at 3rd level, you may learn the Enthrall spell.  This spell doesn't count against the number of bard spells you know or can cast per day, and may cast it once per day per 5 Bard levels (1/day at 3rd, 2/day at 8th, etc.)
The Wisdom saving throw is made at disadvantage.
Also at 3rd level, your soft words and enchanting gaze can magically captivate another creature.  As an action, you can expend a use of Bardic Inspiration and choose one creature within 30 ft.  If the target can hear you, it must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your bard spell save DC or be charmed by you until the end of your next turn.  The charmed creature's movement drops to 0, and the creature is incapacitated and visibly dazed.
On subsequent turns, you can use your action to maintain this effect, extending its duration until the end of your next turn.  However the effect ends if you more more than 30 feet away from the creature, if the creature can no longer hear you, or the creature takes damage.
Piercing Speech
Starting at 6th level, your Sticky Words class feature affects even creatures that would be immune to its effects.
Casting the Net Wide
Starting at 14th level, when you use your Storyweaving ability, you can target a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier.  The charm effect lasts one more turn after you stop Storyweaving.

 Membership is extended via dinner invitation to an annual gala held in Surakhet, the City of Flowers, attendees are treated to a spread that's sticky sweet and aromatic.  After the 8th course, the groggy and stupefied male guests are separated to lounge and rest in a side room.  Those guests able to stand and tell the Tale of the Hunchback and all of its framed narratives (The Broker's Story, The Reeve's Tale, Tale of the Jewish Doctor, Tale of the Tailor, The Barber's Tale of Himself, The Barber's Tale of his First Brother, The Barber's Tale of his Second Brother, The Barber's Tale of his Third Brother, The Barber's Tale of his Fourth Brother, The Barber's Tale of his Fifth Brother, and The Barber's Tale of his Sixth Brother) with panache become full members and taught the inner secrets by the College's Hidden Mistress.
Those men who fall asleep are never seen or heard from again.