Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Furred Folk of the Vault

Quick footed and clannish, the Hares of Sunset Hills often clashed with the Ironwood Clans in the past. After the Accord, they're combined efforts created the greatest holdfast in the Land. Since then, their great numbers have gone from an asset to a liability and the Senate of Sky and Soil exclusively sent Hares and Squirrels to Borchardbriar. Though public unrest turned over governing assemblies. The founding families retain their grip on power in the new Committee.

Long Feet - Hares have +2 Pace and increase their Running die one die type. They also jump twice the normal distance.
Long Ears - Their big ears give +2 to Notice checks with hearing.
Hearts on Their Noses - With floppy ears and constantly twitching noses, Hares haven't got a poker face. They suffer a -2 to deceive others.

Quick to fight and slow to back down, the former Ironwood Clans grasp at traditions long
past before it all slips through their fingers. Visitors flock to the Vault each year for the Battle of Red Branch, when all eligible young Squirrels fight a vicious "King of the Hill" in the boughs of Last Tree. The winner is exempt from the Tithe.

Born Battling in the Boughs - Squirrels start with Fighting at d6, they double the normal jumping distance and can walk on vertical surfaces at normal pace.
All in the Reflexes - +1 Parry
Higher Than Honor- The former Clans hold to a high standard of personal behavior. They start with the Code of Honor hindrance and a tendency to start duels.
Short Attention Span - Squirrels have a hard time focusing. They suffer -1 on Smarts rolls.
Known for hospitality and high spirits, Hedgehogs are welcome anywhere. Which is good because they can be found anywhere. It's traditional that upon reaching age of majority, troupes of pricklepigs venture out into the world and fully experience it for themselves. Some love the places they visit so much that they stay, and home becomes a distant memory.

Well Traveled - Hedgehogs start with a free Novice Edge of their choice, all requirements are reduced by 1.
Defensive Curl - With a back full of spines and enough body mass to protect their vital organs, Hedgehogs have +1 Toughness However they lose this trait if they wear ill-fitted armor. See below.
Awkward Shape - Hedgehogs have an odd shape. Armor needs to be custom designed and fitted. Doubling the purchase and repair prices. You may opt not to, but you lose access to the Defensive Curl trait.

Where there's water, there's Otters. Born to the river and in love with the sea, they work hard and play harder. Organized into clan-like crews, they fish and revel with no-holds-barred. It's a point of pride amongst the Riverfolk that none of their number have gone to the tottering castle at the heart of the Land.

Play Rough- Otters have +1 Reach and the Dirty Fighter Edge.
Riverborn - Otters have a swimming Pace is equal to their normal Pace.
Never Back Down - Otters start with either the Heroic or Overconfident Hindrances.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Vault: Places and Faces

Out in the Sunset Hills of the Land's west coast stands her largest city: the Vault. Built upon, around, and beneath gargantuan ironwood tree stumps, the city was founded after a peace accord was struck between warring clans of Hares and Squirrels. The Accord states that anybeast may find safe harbor in the Vault. That promise draws Folk from the farthest corners of the Land and beyond, and they bring their culture with them. Whether it's Manykings curry, Clowdertown anchovies, Blackheart coffee, Burning Land textiles, or steelwork from the Frozen Baronies, you can find it in the myriad stalls & markets of the Vault.

That individual freedom comes at a cost, the Vault is a democracy and the only Folk with votes belong to one of the two political parties: the Long-Ears and the Long-Tails. Originally legacy associations of the city's founding families. They parties have a love-hate relationship among themselves but presents a united front against interlopers. And that's all immigrating Folk are: outsiders and interlopers.

Municipal policy follows this outlook with curfews and segregation. Divided into three districts: Uptown, Middleground, and Downtown, most of the Vault's populace are relegated to Middleground. Hares and Squirrels are the only ones allowed in Downtown and Uptown respectively, after curfew.Similarly, the city guard often handles party members with a patience and care foreign to Middlegrounders. Riots over food shortages cause a popular coup, replacing the Senate of Sky and Soil with the Public Safety Committee. Though the assembly's changed its name, the game stays the same.

Places of Interest in The Vault

The Accord Memorial - An overlooked shrine to Thumb & Fist. The lone caretaker, Lochlain, isn't long for this world.

Saffron Point - The premier spice shop in the city. Saffron, the shop's Pangolin owner, aspires to join the Long-Tails. Her shop is on a ramp leading to Uptown. Prime real estate. For an Middlegrounder.

Thumper's - Though herbivorous, a surprising number of hares enjoy the spectacle of combat and Thumper attracts top shelf talent. Located in the Middleground you can often find Long-Ear party members slumming among the crowds.

Deeproot Hall - Built from petrified ironwood, the oldest structure in Downtown embodies the Vaulters' commitment to clan and community above all. Here the Senate of Sky and Soil once convened to make hard decisions. Including whose young are sent to Borchardbriar.

This Old Chestnut - This Uptown pub is the personal stomping ground of Setanta Half-Tail, a Squirrel mobster long in the tooth and short on patience.

Allbright Books - A tiny bookshop tucked away in a far corner of Downtown. Its stacks and shelves host myriad secret meetings and cabals masquerading as "book clubs."

Beasts of Interest

Lochlain -  An elderly Squirrel monk, he claims to remember the Accord.

Benedict Barkstripe - The disgraced Ironlord-turned-stevedore-boss won't discuss his past. These days he's focused on organizing the Middlegrounders into a new party - the Snub-Tails.

Loyola - Benedict's right hand Hare, she's a true believer in his dream. Too bad her father, Senator Cohen, doesn't share her convictions.

Z. Allbright - She isn't the original "Ms. Albreicht" - she's a pirate from the Blackheart Isles laying low. Ever since she double crossed her crew, a mysterious black spot has appeared on her paw..

Curren - A touring musician from the northern holdfast, Whisper. His songs have a rabble-rousing aspect to them. Making him popular with Middlegrounders and rebellious youngsters from Uptown.

Thumper - This grizzled kick boxer defends what's his. A stance that's put him on a collision course with Tagger, a Squirrel looking to corner the market in combat spectacles.

Farrell - Ambitious Squirrel enforcer, sees his way to the top goes through Setanta Half-Tail. But first he needs to rustle up some cash.

Nadine & the Shakes - A Cat & Roden musical duo, their repertoire largely consists of old folk music. Their ballads often invoke the Forgotten 3 and are often accompanied by spooky events.