Friday, September 22, 2017

Furred Folk of Whisper

Few Folk have it as rough as Reynard's get. Foxes largely fled to Whisper & the Open Road rather than continue barring the brunt of grief stricken rage. Their kits are taken in the Tithe too, but that gets missed in the outrage. In Whisper the Redtails made themselves useful to House Maugrim and received protection. That arrangement ended with the Prophet's rise and the Foxes are once more without shelter.

Sly Like a Fox - Always looking out for #1, Foxes start with a d6 Smarts, rather than a d4.
Fast on Their Feet - Redtails keep their heads on a swivel and start with the Combat Reflexes Edge.
Universally Hated - Sharing fur with the Mad King is a recipe for woe. Foxes have the Enemy (Major) Hindrance that crops up at the worst time.

The founding Folk of Whisper, they built the holdfast from the bones of the Red Rock Cult's worship sites and suppressed the Cult under the guidance of Saint Magna. Following her example they constructed a refuge of culture from the blighted moors. Until Magna Maugrim returned from Far Away, proclaiming a second coming of the Red Rock gods. She then salted old wounds and dismantled her namesake's handiwork. The Wolves are now in their "rightful" place, at the top of the food chain.

Cold as Ice - Wolves start with the Nerves of Steel Edge, regardless of requirements.
What Big Teeth - Wolves have a natural bite attack of Str + d6
Everyone's a Meal - Wolves suffer a -4 Charisma when dealing with prey Folk. And Cats.

Unified with the Wolves under St. Magna's vision, the Northern Beavers transitioned from sacrificial meals to Whisper's true architects. With the recent upheaval, all their gains have been lost. Many families are discreetly shoving off down the waterways in search of new homes. Some, like the McAvows, have stayed put and resist the Prophet's machinations.

Come From the Water - Beavers are semi-aquatic and can hold their breath for 15 minutes before worrying about drowning. 
Pulling for You- Beavers start with the Common Bond Edge, regardless of requirements.
Irrepressible Gossips - Big teeth = big mouths. Beavers can't keep the news to themselves. They start with the Big Mouth Hindrance

The bane of the Open Road, the Wild Sounders roam, root and rut wherever they like. Only the threat of Reynard's attention causes them to step lightly. Too much ruckus and the Fox King's war bands will pour out of Borchardbriar and raid their litters.

Truffle Hunter - With their sensitive noses, Hogs get a +2 to Notice with their sense of smell.

Thick, Bristly Hide and Temperament to Match -Hogs are Hardy, a second Shaken result does not cause a wound.
Pig on Roller Skates - Most Hogs are born with 2 left trotters, it costs 2 points to advance Agility during character creation.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Whisper: Places and Faces

 Residents like to joke that if Autumn's entropy poisoned the North, you couldn't tell the difference. Only the most truculent Folk brave the dismal moors. Their pugnacious bravado conceals fear that the world has left them behind, a weakness the Prophet has exploited.  Whisper's prodigal daughter, she appealled to that unspoken terror and has struck a secret deal to resurrect the Red Rock Cult, a brutal sect of Tooth & Claw. The nihilistic faith that pre-dates Thumb & Fist, dictating Folks' place as predator and prey. An orthodoxy that bars hope and building for the future. Increasingly attacked by raiders from the Frozen Baronies to the Far North, the Prophet and her inner circle wonder is they should be taking the tithe. Rather than the Old Fox down in Borchardbriar.

Places of Interest in Whisper

The Gray Shard - A tall, granite menhir whose base is stained with blood from sacrifices in the distant path. Here the Prophet and her cohort preach their sermons.

Red's Rest - A road house and hunting lodge south of Whisper. Red, the Fox proprietor, does what he can to warn visitors about the dangers of Whisper.

The Leaky Moon Distillery - Whisper is the only holdfast that allows the legal sale and consumption of snakebite, a distilled liquor made from malted grain. The Leaky Moon is foremost among the local distilleries but they stymie would-be bootleggers by only releasing in small, numbered batches,

High Table - Another worship site from the bad old days. Before the Prophet's ascendance it was the meeting place of city leaders, the First & Equals. Since then, some of the Prophet's zealots have taken to ritual scarification and bloodletting.

Hammer & Tongs - A large smithy in the heart of downtown Whisper, demand outstrips supply considering pressure from the Far North. It also doesn't help that the roads are thick with bandits.

Maugrim Manor - Falling into disrepair, the Prophet's ancestral manse holds bitter memories and her decrepit father. 

Saltbite Keep - A watch tower on a desolate island to the North, the first line of detection against raiders from the Baronies. The Folk stationed here often want to disappear, or have a death wish.

Beasts of Interest

Hadrian - The captain of Saltbite Keep. He keeps the faith of Thumb & Fist alive out on his lonely rock. Because none of his soldiers are as strong as all of his soldiers.

Lady Windstone - A captured raider from the Frozen North, she claims to be a Jarl with 200 axes pledged to her. In deference to her vaunted title, she's kept in a decent room and the Prophet is trying to ransom her.

Raymond & Dawn McAvow - These Beaver politicos are on the outs since the Prophet took over. Once among the First & Equals, they now seek to parley their previous status into something over in the the Vault.

Fyodor - This Sphynx travelled to Whisper all the way from Clowdertown to sit at the Prophet's feet. He's now poised to become her right paw.

Maeve - Most snakebite distilleries follow the Leaky Moon's example. This erstwhile bootlegger figures she needs to destroy the Leaky Moon as an example in order to get the others to sell to her.

Ignatius -Easily overlooked, this Wolf archivist maintains the oldest depository of knowledge in the Land. He seeks a successor to care for the books once he's gone.

Next up - Furred Wolk of Whisper - Wolves, Beavers, and Bears! Oh my!