Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Borchardbriar: Warmblooded Drifts

When your Accord drops to 2 or less, replace an Edge with a Drift. To determine how you transform you draw from a deck of playing cards. Draw a card for each point lost. When you gain a Drift, it replaces an Edge. Draw a card from the Action Deck, if it's a black card you gain a Coldblooded Drift and if it's red you gain a Warmblooded Drift.

A - Your sense of smell becomes incredibly sharp. You gain a +2 on all Tracking and Notice rolls involving scent.

2 - Small quills grow along your arms and back. With effort you can sprout more. You gain the damage field power at d6. This can be increased like any other skill.

3 -  The night calls to you. You're at home in the darkness. You require half the sleep of normal Folk.

4 - Your jaws and teeth become as deadly as any blade. You gain a bite attack that deals Str+d8, if you already have a bite attack then increase the damage to a d10.

5 - Sound betrays your surroundings, revealing objects and creatures to your incredibly sensetive ears No penalties in low light conditions, suffer a -2 to Resist sonic based attacks.

6 - Your limbs lengthen and taper into long, graceful limbs. Gain +1 Reach & increase your Pace by 2.

7 - From your brow erupts a crown of horns & antlers. This natural weapon deals Str+d6 with AP 4.

8 - Your constitution becomes incredibly robust and your vital organs keep trucking regardless of damage. Called shots deal no extra damage and you're immune to poison.

9 - The dumb Beasts of forest and field acknowledge you as lord among them. Gain the Beast Bond Edge and the animal companion that comes along with it. The companion has 1 Drift so draw a card from the Action Deck.

10 - You grow a prehensile tail or two. Gain an extra non-movement action per round at no multi-action penalty.

J - Wings sprout from your back. Feathers or leather, your choice. Gain the ability to Fly at Pace + 3.

Q -  Magic rolls off you. Gain the Improved Arcane Resistance Edge, regardless of requirements.

K - You're a conduit to the darkest parts of the Long History. You can call upon the shades of deceased Folk to aid you. Gain the summon ally power at d10. You can increase this like any other skill.