Sunday, December 17, 2017

Borchardbriar: The Accord

Outside boundaries of worked stone, the Land is a wild place. The Land's history is filled with forgotten massacres and lost townships overrun. Though the Churches may dispute the history, carving sanctuaries from the Wild Tmes was their greatest act of cooperation. Erecting menhirs and border posts kept out the worst threats, but every Furred Folk holds a seed of savagery in their hearts. As they scrabble to change the future, members of the Resistance must be careful not to become the monsters they fight.

Every Wild Card starts with maximum Accord equal to 2 + half their Spirit die type. As things unfold the GM may call for a Accord check with a modifier based on events. An Accord check is a Spirit roll, the results may modify your current Accord score.

Murder -  Killing for any reason, other than self defense, causes an Accord check at -2.
Backlash - The GM may call for an Accord roll due to Backlash from Powers.
Fear - When you fail a Fear check, lose 1 point of Accord.
Cursed Relic - using a cursed relic causes an Accord check.
Open Road - Each day you're on the Open Road, make an Accord check. Start with a -2 penalty and add +1 for each companion.
Viciousness - Predatory and cruel acts cause an Accord check, with a penalty at the GM's discretion.

Sliding into Savagery
The real risk of losing points of Accord is uncontrolled transformation. As you sink into savagery, your inner monster is made manifest. If you lose enough Accord your character is lost to the Land's madness.

When your Accord drops to 2 or less, replace an Edge with a Drift. To determine how you transform you draw from a deck of playing cards. Draw a card from the Action Deck for each point lost below 3. If it's a black card you gain a Coldblooded Drift and if it's red you gain a Warmblooded Drift.