Saturday, December 16, 2017

Borcharbriar: Coldblooded Drifts

When you gain a Drift, it replaces an Edge. Draw a card from the Action Deck, if it's a black card you gain a Coldblooded Drift and if it's red you gain a Warmblooded Drift.

A - Gills blossom along your neck. You cannot drown in water and get a free d6 in the Swim skill.

2 - A flashy, colorful crest that draws the eye and beguiles the weak-willed. +2 to Trick with Persuasion and Intimidate.

3 - Gecko toes. You gain the Wall Walker trait and can scramble up sheer and inverted surfaces at your full Pace.

4 - Terrible jaws. You gain a bite attack that deals Str+d6, if you hit with a Raise then you deal 2d4 bonus damage.

5 - The skin of your paws become brightly hued with warning. With a successful Touch Attack, the victim must roll Vigor or suffer a level of Fatigue.

6 - Pits open beneath your nostrils, allowing you to sense heat. You gain Infravision, halving low light penalties when attacking creatures that give off heat.

7 - You can shoot blood out of your eyes. Suffer a Fatigue level to cause Fear checks within 10 ft. at a -2 penalty.

8 - Your skin/fur changes color and blends into the background. You add +2 to Stealth checks.

9 - Your tongue stretches out and becomes adhesive. You gain the entangle power at a d8. You can increase it later like any skill.

10 - Lost limbs will regenerate. The regrown limbs are brightly colored and moist. You need to water them. You can make a Healing roll once per day.

J - A tortoise shell hardens around your torso. Gain Armor 2, if you already have a shell it becomes Heavy Armor.

Q - Anybeast with coldblood in their veins can be brought under your sway. You gain the beast friend power at a d10. It even works on Folk, but at a penalty equal to half their Smarts die. You can increase it later like any skill.

K - In time, you could be the King of All Monsters. Increase your Size by 2.