Thursday, December 28, 2017

Borchardbriar: Sorcery & Spellcasting Part 2

Arcane Background (Chimera)
Arcane Skill: Special (None, each power has its own skill rating)
Starting Powers: 1
Restriction: This Edge is only available during character creation, if you're from the Open Road. Your maximum Accord is half your Spirit die.

Foundlings and wanderers out on the Open Road are often touched by the Land's Wild magic. Usually bearing mild abnormalities, some are instilled with greater gifts. This Arcane Background covers those characters. Whether it's quills, sharpened claws, pheromones, or a sticky tongue; this Edge covers it.

Example Powers: beast friend, damage field, entangle, smite, and anything else you can work out with your GM.
Backlash: Where you roll a natural one on either for, make an Accord check at a -1. Also any Folkmade structures in the area start to corrode as the Land reclaims territory.

Pactstone Setting Rule
Arcane Skill: Special
Powers: Each Pactstone is attuned to a specific power. 

Any Wild Card can activate a Pactstone to benefit from its power. You must make an untrained Spirit roll with a penalty as if they were casting a spell under the "No Power Points" rule. The penalty can be mitigated on a one-for-one basis by spending points of Accord. Anyone in the area of effect can spend their own Accord to reduce the penalty.

If you have an Arcane Background then you can use the Pactstone to amplify your magic and affect everyone in a medium template, centered on the Pactstone. You will roll your Arcane Skill and you can use a power you already have, or the one that the Pactstone contains.

Backlash: A roll of 1 on either die is a failure. All points of Accord spent are lost, and this triggers an Accord check at no penalty.

Reminder: Borchardbriar uses the "No Power Points" rules variant found in Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition.