Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Habrá Sangre: LLSF Locker Room Part 1

To call Zapato De Muerte a rudo is a disgrace to other rudos. He is a villain, a black hearted scoundrel who cares only for two things: The Big Gold Belt and El Grande's Mask. So much so, he wears a large orthopedic boot, that becomes weighted when he stomps on the ring apron; a prelude to the vicious kick to follow.  He managed to land the blow solidly on El Grande's jaw in their legendary hair vs. mask, but El Grande's honor was saved by El Mini Grande who sacrificed his own identity & honor.  Since then Zapato De Muerte has continued to pursue the World Championship without much concern for his old, wheelchair bound foe.  The crowd has begun to get behind him since the champion, Carmelita, has turned her back on them.
Finishing Move: La Huella De Muerte (roundhouse kick with a loaded boot)
Aspects: Cheats to Win, Wears a Cursed Boot, Over With the Crowd

LLSF's perpetual number one contender, El Grande is hero to everyone in Mexico; men want to be him, women want to be with him, and children want to grow up big and strong just like him.  Too bad it's a lie, El Grande isn't from the small town of San Pedro De Los Saguaros.  Actually a really tanned guy from Colorado, only El Mini Grande knows his secret.  Distancing himself from his mini to preserve his reputation, he may have sowed the seeds for his own downfall.
Finishing Move: El Tierramoto (high angle senton bomb)
Aspects: Living Legend, For Love of His Daughter, Actually a Gringo Dog

Terror of the mid-card, El Ciclope is an established threat looking to ascend to the top of the card.  Infatuated with Tornado Rosado, he sees a romantic relationship with her as his ticket to the top.  If that doesn't work they could always feud after he's done demolishing her tag team partner, Tobillo Largo.
Finishing Move: Del Corazon Del Infierno (Inverted surfboard while sitting on the opponent's neck)
Aspects: Slave to Ambition, Never Give In, Going Up a Gear

 Lucha Libre Sin Frontera's current World Champion, the exotica Carmelita "La Jugosa" may divide the public in the street but captures their hearts in the tent.  Initially part of the promotion's freak show, El Mini Grande is like a father to her and now follows his rough path.  Now rudo, she finds her previous friendships and relationships strained and has hired a manager El Hombre Sin Ojos to act as her liaison.
Finishing Move: Esclavo De Deseo (kiss into a modified gogoplata)
Aspects: Holds the Big Gold Belt, Weaponized Gay Panic, Recent Heel Turn