Thursday, December 3, 2015

Habrá Sangre - Crunchy Bits

Just a prospective character sheet, put together with pen & paper. Trying for a possible playtest this weekend.  The mask silhouette so you can draw your character's mask.

Gimmick parallels the High Concept Aspect while Nagging Injury is the equivalent of the Flaw Aspect, though explicitly physical in nature it could be a perpetually broken heart.  Melodrama is an Aspect that parallels the Melodramatic Hook in Feng Shui, why did your luchador leave home and take up the fighting carnie lifestyle?  Technico and Rudo are also Aspects with invokes and compels hardwired into genre assumptions.

Technico (translates as "technical one," technicos wear masks, fight crime, help kids with their math homework, and are all around good guys.)
Invoke: +2 or re-roll while performing aerial or submission spots.
Compel:  All luchadores enmascarados hold to a code of honor, sometimes it gets you in trouble.

Rudo (translates as "rough one," rudos have long hair, sometimes wear masks, fight cops, take kids' candy, bite their opponents, and are all around bad guys.)
Invoke: +2 or re-roll while performing brawling or power spots.
Compel: With their long hair and savage ways, luchadores rudos tend to be shortsighted and impulsive.
In place of Skills I want to use Two Column Fate, the Approaches taken from Apocalypse World (Cool, Hard, Hot, Sharp, Weird) are assigned rating of +2, +1, +1, 0, & -1, these all fill in the blank: "How _____________ are you?"  Spots are your luchador's signature moves, and are freeform so you can list "Hurricanrana," "Axe Handle Smash," "Dragon Screw,""Dropkick," and "El Pulpo." Spots are rated the same way as Approaches.  When rolling you add the appropriate Approach to the Spot and roll the dice.

Stunt Enmascarado is a Stunt that is available when you're masked, which can range from bonuses with a particular spot to having the equivalent of the Newsboy Legion backing you up.  If you're a rudo it applies when your hair is down, and you may have to bite someone's face.

The 3 Count is the Stress mechanic, each box is worth one shift of Stress but a Kick Out clears your boxes.  Kick Outs reset at Milestones.

The big difference from previous versions of Fate is how conflicts are handled.  In a contest all contestants have the Attack or Create Advantage actions available (Defend and Overcome seem kind of stagnant in the fluid world of lucha libre.) Choose the bonus from an appropriate Approach and Spot to 4dF, the contestant with the lowest roll describes their spot and continue in ascending order.  The player with the highest roll has momentarily captured the Momentum and is able to inflict Stress on other characters in the conflict.  Even Old Scratch respects the venerable rules of lucha libre and yields when the 3 Count is called. When a luchador chooses to be taken out of the match, it's called "doing the job" and they earn a Fate Point and possibly a sympathy related Aspect if there's a crowd watching.

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