Thursday, December 3, 2015

Habrá Sangre: Who's Who - The Alonso Family & Others

Vincente Alonso inherited the Circo Hermanos Alonso from his father and uncle in the 30's, as the economy struggled the lucha libre side show was the only thing drawing money.  Sensing opportunity, Vincente shuttered most of the Circo's other attractions and focused his energy and money on the squared circle forging a masked empire: Lucha Libre Sin Fronteras.  His original last will and testament split the wrestling promotion among his three children evenly, but he was trying to alter it before his mysterious death.
Aspects: Died Mysteriously, Hunger to Succeed

Serafina Vasquez is Vincente's oldest daughter, she married a former luchador, the rudo known as El Diablo Abisal - real name Sergio Vasquez.  Smart and savvy, she wants to consolidate the promotion under her and will do anything to carry on her father's legacy.
Aspects: Married to the Business, Control Freak

Carlos Alonso is the oldest son but the middle child, his father's favorite. Ashamed of his family's carnival legacy, Carlos has squandered his fair share of the family's money with other failed ventures.  His new ambition is to become a movie mogul and feature his Cuban girlfriend in a slew of films.
Aspects: Ashamed of the Business, Follow the Money

Vincente's youngest daughter, Remi Alonso, is a favorite of the locker room and close friend to many of the luchadores, most of whom view her as a daughter.  Her naive and trusting nature, while endearing, makes her vulnerable to the manipulations of others.
Aspects: Face of Innocence,

Wrestling for years as El Diablo Abisal, Sergio was always the number 2 guy on the card and rarely held the Big Gold Belt. Now that he's married into management he can put himself on the mountaintop.  Sergio fears the company's dissolution if Vincente's will is executed to the letter, if that happens he will have no mountain to stand on.
Aspects: Not Good Enough, Two Torn Calves

Pablo Jimenez has seen better days. He remembers fondly the days of yesteryear, filing for performance permits as the show traveled from state to state.  Before Vincente had his second heart attack, before his old friend started consulting the side show fortunetellers and mystics they once scoffed at.  During the week leading up to his death, Pablo's best friend was no more. Demoniac and crazed, he demanded Pablo alter the will and require bizarre burial rites but Pablo didn't finish transcribing his wishes.  And now he fears what his negligence may cause.
Aspects: Too Little Butter Scraped Over Too Much Bread, Steel Trap Mind