Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Kruger Affair: A Heist of the Century

The year is 1900, a new century is born accompanied by the heroes and villains of an age. The Great Imperial Powers play a game of daggers, waging proxy wars over colonial holdings in the corners of the Globe.  Their homelands are protected by bands of Extraordinary Citizens; America is defended by the Century Club, England has the League, Le Hommes Mysterieux protect France, and so forth.  By contrast, the megalomaniac Shadows plot to bring the World under their individual heels, only to find themselves stymied by the geographically relevant band of Extraordinary Citizens.
Taking a page from the heroes' playbook, you've formed a coalition with the aim to bring a little chaos into the World and loosen the Imperial grip on the throats of your homelands. Headquartered in the Condor, an experimental aircraft, you strike out across the globe, performing acts of criminal bravura that shake the Halls of Power but too petty to attract major attention.  Boast as much as they like, most Citizens wouldn't know the Florentine Diamond existed, much less its current wherabouts.
Five years ago, the British Crown's catspaws raided the neighboring Transvaal Republic but failed to seize control.  Since then what was a series of border skirmishes has escalated to full blown conflict.  British air superiority has been sorely tested as gyrocopters of the Transvaal Luchtfoto Marine utilize their superior knowledge of the terrain and weather patterns to wage an asymmetric war on invading British airships.  Sensing an opportunity, your gang begins laying the pipe to purloin the Kruger Millions and draw Great Britain into conflict with Dr. Belsidus' Black Empire. and further erode the Imperial grip on the globe.
King Leopold  is next, so he had better watch his back.

The Kruger Affair is a campaign of Ruritanian romanticized criminals in a steampunk, pulp world that never was.

Player Characters are created with Fate Accelerated, follow the text accordingly.  Characters must either hail from an Imperial colony (fictional or real) or a criminal of conscience.  Stunts may be used to obtain a situational bonus to an Approach, recruit Minions, or endow you with a Supernatural Power.  The game session will end with a round of the Great Game as Imperial Powers jockey for position in response to the Condor's activities, I will provide the character information for the various Imperial Powers.

Inspiration: Strange Tales of the Century, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Graustark, The Prisoner of Zenda, Leverage, The A-Team, Planetary, Lobster Johnson, Heart of Darkness, Parker novels by Richard Stark, Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard, Monaco, Drawing the Dark by Tim Powers