Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Habrá Sangre

The year is 1952, disputed king of lucha libre, Vincente Alonso, has died a few short days before the biggest show of the year: La Hora Cero.  The promotion's lawyer, Pablo Jimenez, has unearthed his last will and testament dividing the company's assets between Alonso's three children.  In honor of their departed father, the 3 scions will put on one last show to the best of their ability.  But the locker room is plagued with nagging questions:

Which of you luchadores will keep their jobs?

What killed Señor Alonso & why isn't anyone allowed to look at the body?

Which of Vincente Alonso's three children do you back?

Or is it time to hang up your mask and go back to the farm?

Don your tights, tie your boots, and lace up your mask.  You've got scores to settle in the ring and answers to find outside of it.  As the road crew erects El Castillo De La Gloria outside Monterrey, old rituals will be performed and fresh blood spilled - the show must go on.

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