Monday, September 10, 2018

Blackwood: Kestrel

A shabby, little town at the end of the Elk River, Lehm was once known for its fine pottery. Lead by Burgomeister Franz Fluss, the town prospered under a firm and fair system of taxation for the common good. In the Elder King's absence, taxation and tithe turned into corruption and tyranny. Chief Sentinel Jurgen Shining cited the oncoming winter and seized goods in excess for years.When that fierce winter finally came howling, the provisions distributed were meager. The townsfolk did without and many perished. After that the town started to dry up as people moved away, the river changed course, and their stranglehold cinched tighter. Jurgen never suspected his doom would take flight from young Kestrel's bow.

Orphaned by that cruel winter, Kestrel dealt out justice her deceased friends and family would never know. Eluding capture, she traveled the riverways and trails in the company of outlaws, pagans, and Errants until she fell in with Dust and Breathless Pin. Despite their counsel she still hunts the wicked the Sentinels can't, or won't, touch.

CULTURE - Woodkin - Kestrel starts with a +2 to Notice, the Luck Edge, and the Superstitious Hindrance.
BADGE OF ERRANTRY - A kestrel's embroidered silhouette attached to her gambeson, a gift from her departed parents. Looking a bit careworn she kisses it for good luck.
RANK - Seasoned
STATS - Strength D6 Agility D8 Vigor D6 Smarts D8 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Athletics D8, Fighting D6, Healing D6, Investigation D4, Notice D10, Shooting D10, Stealth D6, Survival D8, Tracking D8
EDGES - Assassin, Aspiring and Worthy Student (Falcon School), Luck, Marksman
HINDRANCES - Emotional (Minor, Kestrel followed her heart after Dust.), Superstitious (Minor, A hundred little rituals for good fortune), Wanted (Major, The Sentinels come down hard when you kill one of their own.), Vengeful (Minor, Nothing angers Kestrel like the guilty escaping their just reward.)
Bow (2D6, Ranged, 12/24/48), Hatcher (2D6, Thrown 3/6/12), Dagger (1D6+1D4, Thrown 2/4/8), Gambeson (+1 armor to torso, arms, and legs), Errantry Kit, Hearthbread, Cap Helm

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here

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