Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Blackwood: Heart of the Web

For 14 years the Elder Kingdom has staggered forward headless. Provincial governors, burgomeisters, and chief sentinels find their interests overlap and conflict with no Elder King to sort it out. Conflicts of interest and jurisprudence only serve to atomize and isolate resistance to the Kingdom's greatest internal threat - the Jeweled Fan Society. By all appearances a trade organization heavily focused on herbal harvesting and refinement, the Society's true activities concealed. The Society's true purpose? The steady, upward redistribution of goods, assets, and favors from the fringes of the Blackwood to the City Astride the River, Span.

Barring a buffoonish nephew, the Brandts are a respected and well-heeled family with bloodties to Span's founding. Their oldest estate rests atop catacombs housing their oldest ancestors. It was here Renata found the Judas Silver, rolling free from funerary clothes. A trinket associated with her great-great-great-grandfather and thought lost. The coin's true nature was made apparent when Renata touched it. The relic emphasized her worst self and allowed her to control others, bringing their shadows to the fore as well. With this power she created the Society and spread throughout the Kingdom. Controlling what she could and destroying what she could not.

By pulling taut her web of influence, she will form a new kingdom. The Jeweled Kingdom. Her Kingdom.

STATS - Strength D6 Agility D8 Vigor D6 Smarts D10 Spirit D10 (D6 without the Judas Silver)
SKILLS - Athletics D8, Gambling, Intimidation D10, Knowledge (Battle and Business) D8, Notice D8, Persuasion D10+2, Riding, Taunt D8, Thievery D8
EDGES - Command, Hold the Line, Luck, Great Luck, Merchant, Noble 
HINDRANCES - Curious (Major), Decadent (Minor), Greedy (Major)
FLIT OF THE FAN - Use Persuade instead of Fighting to Defend. She can also use either Perfume or Smoke.
FLICK OF THE WRIST - 3D4 Damage, ROF 4. Thrown, 5'/10'/15'. A hail of needles fly from her fan. If she has Polish, it's been applied to the needles.

ENTOURAGE - Renata is accompanied by at least 5 bravos. Some are hired muscle and others are suitors
FEARLESS & HARDY - See the core Savage Worlds rulebook.
YOU WOULDN'T HIT A LADY, WOULD YOU? - Calculate Parry using Persuade, instead of Fighting.

PARLOR TRICKS - Through the Jeweled Fan Society, Renata has access to herbs that would make a witch jealous. She always has some botanical tricks up her sleeve. Choose 2.

  • Powder - All the makeup and perfume hides her Undead nature. (+2 Toughness, can't be Shaken)
  • Polish - A nail lacquer made from beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes. It's bright red hue a warning. Contact poison. Touched characters roll Vigor at -2 or suffer a Fatigue level. 
  • Musk - Perfume made from the 40 Wink Orchid, renowned for its soporific effects. Targets roll Vigor at -2 or become Shaken, uses the Large Burst Template
  • Smoke - A case full of  hand-rolled cigarillos made from Ulix' Nightmare. When Renata exhales a cloud of smoke opponents fly into blind panic. Targets roll Spirit vs Fear -2, use the Cone Template


The relic has 15 PP and can Awaken Darkness (puppet) and Call For Help (summon ally).
Puppet - Use Persuade as the arcane skill. The subject also gains a Major Hindrance for a lunar cycle, possible amplifying a Minor hindrance to to Major.
Summon Ally - Summons 2 constructs resembling a houndmaster and his mastiff (treat as ogre and dire wolf in the core rulebook).
DRAWBACKS - Holding the Judas Silver inflicts a Major Hindrance, highlighting your worst trait. Prolonged use has other side effects.

The 7 Errants are a fellowship of heroic martial artists and wanderers for Eli Kurtz' Blackwood setting - a mash-up of Wuxia action and frontier fairy tales. You can find the book for sale here and a free quick start bundle here

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