Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dark River: No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga

"There is no bad thing through which good doesn't come"

The Amazon Sea is the crossroads for South America. Everything passing Northward treads your sea and skies, a veritable banquet for opportunists and scoundrels like you. Life outside national boundaries can be hard as you probe shipping lanes and patrols for an opening. But you've pulled through before and you'll pull through again.

Roll once, in addition to your other Hero's Journey rolls.
1-2 - Getting captured by slavers wasn't part of the plan, but you got away with a little help. Gain the Beast Master Edge and a weird monster friend.
3-4 - After a few close calls with faulty machinery, you finally read the User's Manual. +2 Repair.
5-7 - He beat you at cards so you stole his power armor. Lose half of your starting funds but gain a suit of power armor with GM approval. Also he wants his suit back, gain the Wanted (Major) Hindrance.
8 -  Slavers are the worst. The last trafficker you dealt with captured somebody important. Somebody you freed. Somebody who owes you a favor. Where are they from? (1- Maga Island or the Kingdom of Bahia, 2- Colombia, 3- El Dorado or Omagua, 4- One of the Silver River Republics, 5- New Inca Empire, 6- Arkhons or the Megaversal Legion)
9-10 - Nothing separates death from daring like hitting your target in the sweet spot. Cut Called Shot penalties in half.
11-13 - Every fight starts the same way - throwing sand in your opponent's eyes. Gain the Dirty Fighter Edge.
14 - At home in the water, the only way you drown if you're murdered. +2 to all Athletics rolls involving swimming and water. That includes grappling someone in a kiddie pool and drowning them in 6 inches of water.
15-16 - Rifts Earth hates you, the evidence is everywhere: super bugs from other dimensions, slavers, lack of potable water, devil rays, D-Bee pests, and carnivorous plant life. That's okay though, you'll survive. Even drink your own urine if you have to. +2 Survival and the Unlucky Hindrance.
17 - You ran into vampires on shore leave and got away. Since then you rustled up a TW Water Pistol.
18 - You weren't there by choice but you paid your dues in the vale tudo rings. Gain the Take Down Edge and Enemy (Minor) Hindrance to represent your rival from the old days.
19-20 You may choose any one of the previous results

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