Friday, February 24, 2017

Martian Footfalls

The mainstay of the Martian excursion is the Triskelion.  A mobile artillery piece on 3 telescoping legs strides through the ocean and across all terrain, held off by the great walls and guns of Fortress Europa. Its versaitility allows it to take on a range of missions - search & destroy, harvesting, field testing, take & hold, etc.

The Grand Alliance holds onto the hope that there's a finite number of the machines.  A hope that may be in vain as Martian offensives slowly ramp up, with varying numbers and load outs.  No two Triskelions are equipped the same, some carry chemical  payloads, some fly, and others seek out Earthling experts to harvest their psyches.

Martian Triskelion
Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d8, Shooting d10
Pace: 11 Parry 6 Toughness 12 (Armor 6)
Special Abilities:
Armor - Armor 6
Susceptible to Magic - Suffers -2 to Armor and rolls opposing Magic.
HUGE -Size + some number. It has telescoping
Fearless - Immune to Intimidation, and being Shaken twice does not cause a wound.

Heat Ray - 2d6,AP 2, Heavy, deals +1d6 vs organic targets.
Claws - Strength +d8, AP 3

Modules -each Triskelion is equipped with 1-3 modules, outfitting them with special abilities.

Advanced Sensor Suite - no penalties for darkness, can detect footfalls.
Ego Extractor - This is used to harvest the brightest minds on Earth and force them to do Martian work.  The Triskelion must grapple its foe.  The victim must make an opposed Spirit roll or become brain dead as their psyche is stored in a special container.
Fertilizer - As a free action the Triskelion can unleash a cloud of nano machines that breaks down organic matter and spreads the Red.  This fills a large template.  Any Shaken Marstouched within the template automatically recover and act on their Action Card.  Anyone else must make a Vigor roll at -2 or suffer a wound.  A Red patch is left behind.
Heavy Armour - Armor 10, Heavy. Pace becomes 8 and Pace die becomes d4.
Jet Engines - Requires Levitator.  Flight becomes 13 and gains Pilot d8.
Levitator - The Triskelion gains Flight 5
Mutation Agent - A pressurized hose sprays a bright blue fluid that fills a flamethrower template.  Anyone hit by it needs to make a Vigor roll or gain the Marstouched quality.
Psychic Scream- Gain Intimidate at d10 and able to affect anyone within 6".
Self Repairing - Make a natural healing roll at the end of every round.
Slag Cannon - A vertically fed cannon that fires super-heated scrap metal.  Damage 2d10 , AP 4, Heavy,  has to reload after 2 shots.
Terrible Claws- Claw damage is Strength +d10, AP 5, and Heavy.