Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Escape From Red London

Martians pulverized London, the greatest city in the world, with meteors.  Blotting out the sun and providing a staging ground for sustained invasion.  

A series of fifty foot walls were erected and Continental armies encamped facing Britain. The containment enjoys middling success, repelling smaller Triskelions but eroding under the constant siege of the Red.  A noxious weed that feasts on human flesh and exhales poison.

The Rippers and Cabal came together to form the Lodge and emerged from the shadows to aid the Grand Alliance.  Their advanced scientific and mystical knowledge a glimmer of hope.  They are mainly tasked with combatting the Crimson Court, monsters flush with the alien parasite and their own aims worming their way through the Continent.

Since the sky darkened, everything touching the the northern Atlantic is lost under a Red carpet.  Paris is besieged and King Edward of Britain now rules from Egypt. The fortifications have magnified but hope is now a luxury as Martian Triskelions test Europan defenses more brazenly each day.

With the Crimson Court broken, the British government has unleashed the Lodge to wage total war against the Invaders.  Many advances in Rippertech and Black Science show promise when applied on a large scale.  Pursuing one such path of inquiry Dr., Jekyll, the Lodge’s lead scientist, was field testing a weapon in the Red Zone before contact with his aerodreadnought, the HMSS Revenant, was lost.

We have reason to believe that he survived the crash.  You’ve been tasked with recovering the good doctor and his notes, destroy the prototype if it isn’t already ruined. You will be inserted via capsule launched by the Cairo Gun Club, this is a one way trip.  Your extraction will be from the last standing tower of St. Paul’s Cathedral in 12 hours after you are fired from the Great Cairo Gun.

Be aware that there are those still trapped in Britain and none can vouch for their civility.  They have forged their own societies, surviving anyway they can from the wreckage that was.  The rules are simple: once you go in, you may not come out.

The System: Savage Worlds - Rippers Resurrected
Looks Like:  This with way more gas masks
Tastes Like: Blood Pudding and baked beans with Newcastle Brown
Sounds Like: Carpenter Brut’s Trilogy