Friday, March 17, 2017

The New Flesh Part 1

When the first Triskelion fell to Europan guns, the Lodge swooped in and exercised their carrion rights. Upon autopsy there isn't mush to Martian physiology beyond a highly developed central nervous system. With a limited range of tissues to use, most Martians yield a limited crop for ripping and many are incompatible with human physiology.

Atavistic Avenger (-2) Unique
The most common Triskelion pilots belong to the warrior caste, dubbed Myrmidons by the Lodge.  Invasive surgery and aggressive breeding programs suppresses higher thought and privileges autonomic function.  What maybe considered a direct hit to the control nest may not eliminate a Triskelion piloted by one of these buggers.  A flurry of claw attacks often heralds the war machine's collapse and a particularly reckless ripper can get those bits grafted onto their brain.
Location: Brain
Donor: Martian Myrmidon
When the Ripper is knocked unconscious they make a Fighting check against every target on hand with a d8 Wild Die.  This includes allies.

Crystalline Pineal (-3) Unique
Martian Masterminds are rarely seen in the theater of war as they prefer to watch from afar. But some operations are too delicate to entrust to Myrmidons, so they wade into combat themselves. However a Triskelion armed with an Ego Extractor and Heavy Armor gives away the pilot's caste.  Often displaying a wide range of psychic powers, only some parts of the Mastermind's brain is compatible with a human's.
Location: Brain
Donor: Martian Mastermind
The ripper may use the telekinesis power against a target in line of sight. The ripper rolls her Spirit die opposed by the target.  She may suffer a fatigue level to increase her Spirit die on a 1 for 1 basis.  The power drops if the line of sight is broken.  The fatigue penalties do not apply until the power drops, though the ripper is at risk of falling unconscious.

Synaptic Relay (-1)
Four-armed giants have recently been spotted roaming the hinterlands of north Africa and the Middle East. Armed with glowing rifles and large scimitars, they can be extremely dangerous in the natural environment. Autopsies revealed their arms are managed through dense clusters of nerves along their spine allowing an inhuman degree of coordination among its limbs.
Location: Spine
Donor: Tharks
The ripper reduces the multi-action penalty by 1, as long as they're only using their arms.

Analytics Engine (-2) 
The Serpent employs a wide range of minions, but Talos are the only monsters sought out be the Lodge.  Bronze Age automatons, their inner workings beyond what the Grand Alliance and the Lodge are able to produce.  Every piece of their body is put to use, the braincases are used in computation, while the more concrete parts are either implanted in rippers or outfitted with supports and straps as prosthetics for Alliance soldiery.   There's a growing concern that the Talos' inorganic origin signals a limited population to harvest.  The analytics engine is a Talos eye, often the left one, which computes and predicts outcomes of visual data.  It can't process abstract input, only concrete variables in the vicinity.
Location: Eye
Donor: Talos
With the analytics engine, the ripper can now calculate and predict future enemy actions.  After making a Smarts roll at a -4 the ripper can declare the future actions of an enemy in line of sight.  The action must make sense for them to perform at the GM's discretion. With a raise the ripper can still act.  With an analytics engine in each eye they can declare the actions of two enemies.