Thursday, June 30, 2016

RPG Blog Carnival: Gates & Portals in Kismet

Aperture Tapestry -  Produced in pairs and singly sold in secret, these magnificent textiles conceal magic of great utility and devilry.  The calligraphy across the top is a riddle that provides clues to the tapestry's activation phrase. Solving the riddle causes the central geometry to unfold a dimensional pathway that leads to the mated tapestry. Woven by the witch women of the Leopard Queen's heresy, possession is akin to membership in the eyes of zealous clerics. 

Traversing the filled space is not without odds hazards abd opportunities. The pathways butt against the little big places of ensnared djinn. Many the daring thief has been trapped with their marks. 

Heaven'sWord - Commonly crafted in the Hanging City of Teshra, these wondrous items resemble the Warlanders' idolatrous Living Carvings. A palm sized cube of bronze, etched with the names of the Almighty, in it's inactive state. Uttering the command word causes the 99 Hallowed Names to spread vine like, filling any aperture or hall it's in (DC 20 to break through.) Activation in open air forms a piece of  calligraphic sculpture and against a wall, a lattice you can climb (DC 5.)

Living Carving - These are figurines of wondrous power, carved from the wood of the Living Tree.  In addition to their normal abilities, they can also cast an appropriate 1st - 2nd level Druid spell 1/day.

This month's RPG Blog Carnival theme is Portals & Gates, the seed article is found here