Wednesday, June 22, 2016

MotW: Think of the Children

 In horror fiction threats to children are common, emotional appeals to the reader's and characters' parental instincts. But everything has offspring, even monsters.  Without individual immortality we reproduce to escape extinction.

Hijos Del Sol Negro
Descended from the cihuateteos' affections, their children are equally monstrous things.  Not human enough for full corporeality these amalgams of filth caked children and chicks leave trails of afterbirth wherever they go.  The cihuateteos only seek to coax new life from their carrion wombs, raising the offspring is unimportant considering it a distraction from greater duties and desires.
Monster Executioner - to punish the guilty
Ethereal, Senses guilt

Harm- bludgeoning guts 2-harm, messy, magic Armor- ectoplacenta provides armor-1 Health: 5 Health
Unique Moves
Strung Up
When hunters don't roll 10+, they get tangled in the Hijos sticky guts.  The Keeper gain 2-3 hold and can spend it to negate the hunters' moves to escape.

The Black Eyed Children
These spectres appear when someone is alone, knocking on the door, ringing the bell, and begging for entrance.  Once inside they force the victim to play a perverse form of "House" rife with overcooked Gothic horror atrocities.  The Children's silly games only end when "Mommy/Daddy" finally expire from deprivation or fatal wounds.
Monster Torturer - to hurt and terrify
Immortal, Night Walker, Regrowth

Harm- small, rending hands 1-harm  Armor-none  Health- 5 Health
Unique Moves
Are You My Mommy? 
Grown-ups can't resist the Black Eyed Children asking this.  When a hunter rolls a miss they lock eyes with the Child and are spiritually whisked away to the Black House (Maze).  Their comatose body becomes the Children's doll.  Killing the Child doesn't bring back the victim, you'll have to retrieve them from the Black House.

Maria's Children 
La Llorona seeks the ghosts of her three children so they can all go to Heaven.  But Gustavo, Luciana, and Ramon remember their dying moments, Maria's hands pinning them beneath the river until they stop struggling.  Spectral existence is everything they could have hoped for and more, running rampant with childish poltergeist activity. Hunters will have to trick the children into reuniting with their mother.
Monster Trickster - to create chaos
Ethereal, Poltergeist

Harm- helter skelter 2-harm Armor- none, they'll be back Health- 5 Health
Unique Moves
Puppet Hurricane 
In a tantrum everything not nailed down starts whirling through the air, check unstable on everyone's sheets and take -1 forward for each child in the scene.
The Hellion
 Naked, screaming, and covered in blood the Hellion's birth is still off in the future but its birth pangs hint at its emergence through the bodies of its worshipers.  Every in utero kick and wail echoes through the faith, tearing a simulacrum from their bodies.  These tantrums grow more intense as the hour of birth grows near. 
Monster Parasite - to infest, control and devour
Immortal, Object of Worship

Harm- Soul Rending Wail 4-harm magic, ignores armor Armor-divine flesh doesn't part for the mundane 3-armor vs non-magic, 2-armor vs magic  Health- 15 Health
Unique Moves
Jealous and Angry GodTo look upon the divine is to know it exists, its very presence compels supplication and sows seeds of faith.  Seeing the Hellion is believing, making you a potential womb.