Wednesday, July 13, 2016

RPG Blog Carnival: Wizards, Magi, and Warlocks! Oh My!

Early in Christendom's history magic and sorcery are forbidden, but practiced, disciplines granting mastery over the Invisible World of spirits, angels, and demons.  Whether "playing God" or "exerting Man's primacy" the study did not abate and many magi glimpsed too much behind the curtain of reality.  Burdened with knowledge Man was not meant to know some go mad, some spread the knowledge through secret societies and others become monsters.  Outside of prescribed occurences, they do not mingle or share their iniatory knowledge with outsiders or each other.

Below are three sorcerers entagled with forces beyond mortal ken for Monster of the Week.

Kathulos, the Skull Faced Sorcerer - The Outright Monster
Rising from an ancient sarcophagus in Victorian times Skull-Face has been playing the long game. Tendrils of criminal influence slither from the House of Dreams, his franchise of movie theaters. As films lull audiences into a false sense of mental security they become hypnotically programmed to commit crimes after receiving a particular trigger.  Hapless antiquarians and professors around the worlds find themselves besieged by a mob seeking Atlantean artifacts. His network of enforcers, informants, and other assets aim and collect from the rioters once it's done.

Monstrous Motivation Queen - to possess and control
Mesmerism,Un-Dead, Alchemy, Magus
Harm-  Withered Claws 1-harm, messy, magic, armor piercing Armor- Un-Dead toughness armor-3 Health: 13 Health
Unique Moves
 Elixir of Life - this alchemical concoction is administered to all Kathulos' enforcers. While under its effects minions and monsters deal +2 harm in hand to hand and gain +3 Health. The potion causes physical dependence and death if the user can't consume it regularly.
Sepulchral Womb- when Kathulos is killed, he rises from his sarcophagus on the next new moon.
Counterspell- When a hunter rolls +Weird against the monster, reduce the success level by one.

Good Granny Bulloch, Appalachian Witch - A Lesser Evil
Living in the high hills and backwoods of Appalachian as long any can remember, she weilds a quiet tyranny over the small logging community of Goodberry's Hollow.  With a bucker of milk, a dram of blood, and a shovel she killed the postmaster's wife after he wouldn't give her a stamp.  She'll fix anyone who crosses her, you just can't prove it.  Best to hide behind your SATOR squares and hope this she-devil doesn't come to your house asking for a cup of sugar.

Monstrous Motivation Parasite- to infest, control, and devour
Face of Innocence, Magus, Shape Thief
Harm-  The Devil's Ladle 3-harm, magic Nailgun 2-harm, messy Armor- charms braided into her skin armor-1 Health: 12 Health
Unique Moves
Worm in the Apple - Anyone who owes Good Granny Bulloch a favor bears her worm in their ears, it shares their senses and takes over their bodies when they are willed to do so.
Counterspell - When a hunter rolls +Weird against the monster, reduce the success level by one.
Iron Nails - Good Granny Bulloch can hex any place or person that has one of her iron nails stuck in it.  They look like normal nails with hair wrapped around it. She has these loaded in her nailgun.

J.P. Faust, Diabolic Soulbroker
Some people are always looking for shortcuts to success, eager to avoid toil at any cost. These are the sorts that J.P. Faust and Associates are looking for. Offering a broad portfolio of demonic mortgages and infernal futures he will provide whatever you desire for a fair price.

Monstrous Motivation Sorcerer- to usurp supernatural power
Sense magic, Goetic Magic, Surrounded by muscle
Harm- handgun 2-harm Armor- Goetic seals etched into his flesh provide armor-2 Health: 10 Health
Unique Moves
Accidental Summoning - Goetic seals require blood for activation. When J.P. takes harm a Goetic demon is summoned. 
Outstanding Debt- J.P. can't be slain until his accounts are balanced. If he takes 12+ points of damage in a scene he becomes a Walking Wound, then things get worse.

This month's RPG Blog Carnival theme is the Ways of the Wise, click the image below if you're interested in the other entries.  Come back later for mystical tomes and grimoires these bastards hide their secrets in.

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