Monday, June 13, 2016

MotW: The Voodoo You Do Part 2

One of the central elements of Afro-Carribean faiths is community and its vices of greed and dishonor, any villainous portrayals should definitely exemplify the pursuit of power at any cost.  Below is an example of a morally and spiritually corrupted group, the Cult of the Hellion:

Tilly Adrieux - Voodoo Queen of the Underground - This bokkor has gathered together a large community of believers and called them the Cult of the Hellion.  Spiritual stewardship of her followers is a low priority, they are just means to an end and that end os power. Eschewing the mainstream powers, she is in bed with the Skin Thief, a meaty abomination from the Otherside.

Monster Queen

Sorceress, Manipulative

Harm- Ritual Dagger 2-harm, magic Armor: The loas' favor grants armor 1 Health: 9 Health
Unique Moves

Sympathetic Magic - With a bit of hair, blood, fingernail clippings, or just a footprint the Queen is able to reach out and hex the target with the any of the following effects:
Curse of the Torn Heart - 2-harm, magic, ignores armor, mark unstable.  Cause 1-harm
Seedless Curse - Full Cronenberg body horror as the cursed individual bleeds out their genitals in chunks. Mark unstable.
Curse of the Rotten Core-The cursed is infested with long white worms that responds to ambient magic.  The more magic around, the more active, the more they core out the cursed.

Favor of the Gods: The Queen can also place one of these effects on a character, either through eye contact or a sympathetic link while she is ridden by the corresponding entity.  Copied from the previous post.
Damballah - Serpent of Wisdom - "gift" someone with the curse of babble, rendering them unintelligible to others.
Erzulie - Life's Lover - Slip someone Love Potion #9, you decide how self-destructive that gets.
Khalfu - Master of the Left Hand - A character's ordered thoughts scatter into chaotic noise, focusing on a basic task becomes next to impossible. 
Legba - Guardian of the Crossroads- A character crossing an intersection may find themselves hit by a car, or teleported onto the wrong side of the tracks.
Ogun - Master of Iron and War - Bullets just can't seem to miss you.  Mark unstable and take 1 harm everytime you're shot at.
Baron Samedi - Custodian of the Dead - Paralyze a hunter with a case of rigor mortis, frozen until the next dawn.
Chango - King of Fire, Sky, and Smoke - Unsubtle, someone cursed by Chango gets a tag along thunderstorm.  Maybe it's small or maybe it's large.

The Faithful -The Cult of the Hellion worships the Skin Thief as a living womb and Tilly as the midwife.  The Cult kidnaps the homeless to feed the Thief's hunger for flesh and skin.  The congregation is silently experiencing a crisis of faith, questioning their monstrous object of worship.

Minion Thief

Stealthy, Eyes everywhere
Harm- Mob violence 2-harm
Health: 6 Health
The Skin Thief - Put an elephant seal through a coarse sausage grinder and spackle the finished product onto Andre the Giant's skeleton.  That's the Skin Thief.  It leaves little pieces of itself behind wherever it goes, that's why the Cult tries to keep it locked up.  Its swelling corpulence splits the human husks it hides within keeping it dependant on the Voodoo Queen and her Cult.  Fed a ritual diet, the Skin Thief incubates a gestating divinity expecting birth on the next full moon.

Monster Parasite

Mimic, Rubbery Flesh,
Harm- Ripping and tearing 4-harm, magic 
Armor: Its corpulence grants armor 2 Health: 15 Health
Unique Move
The New Flesh- When roused to violence the Skin Thief exerts an intense gravitational pull on the meat of others. Everyone in the vicinity takes 2-harm that ignores armor every move. 


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