Monday, January 11, 2016

A Game of Daggers

"The British-owned slave ships, and the British vessels that put down the slave trade; the destruction of the dens of tyranny in India and Abyssinia, and the hideous vandalizing of the Summer Palace in Peking; the serf armies and pirate navies that needed crushing, and the magnificent peoples – Zulus, Sikhs, Afghans – who the British had finally to admit were unconquerable.  The Empire on which the sun never set was also the empire on which the gore never dried." - Christopher Hitchens, Speaking of Flashman

I've cribbing the stats for the Great Powers from Romance in the Air, they're all fairly self explanatory. After the heist is completed, the Mark gains a Complication relating to the theft.  Other Great Powers take advantage of destabilization and jockey for power across the Globe in response. Meanwhile, the Condor searches for future opportunities.

Muscovite Sovereignty
Diplomacy +2 Espionage +4 Industry +3 Warfare +5 
High Concept Cruel Tsarist Aristocracy
Color Aspect Do Not Provoke the Juggernaut!
Internal Trouble Anarchist Conspirators

Stunt: General Winter - If an opponent attacks you with Warfare, and they inflict at least one military stress, you may spend a fate point and degrade his Warfare by two in the next exchange.

Holy Roman Empire
Diplomacy +4 Espionage +5 Industry +2 Warfare +3
High Concept Deceptively Foppish Dictatorship
Color Aspect We're Watching You
Internal Trouble Ethnically Balkanized
Stunt: Deniable Assets - The Holy Roman Empire knows no shortage of radical dissidents, undeterred by bloodshed for a cause.  You may inflict military stress with the Espionage skill, like Warfare it degrades with use but may be replenished with Diplomacy.

Prussian Allianz
Diplomacy +2 Espionage +3 Industry +5 Warfare +4
High Concept Ruthlessly Efficient Autocracy
Color Aspect Ambitions to Rival Britannia
Internal Trouble Ruled by Fear and Madness
Stunt: Proper Design Counts for Everything - When using Industry to restore lost Warfare ranks, restore one additional rank.  So a successful roll restore 2 ranks, while succeeding with style will replenish 3.

The Third French Republic
Diplomacy +5 Espionage +4 Industry +3 Warfare +2
High Concept A Republique Across Two Continents
Color Aspect Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Internal Trouble Nationalist Factions in Far Off Corners
Stunt: Global Intersection - May roll Diplomacy instead of Industry when obtaining rare and sought after materials.
League of Italian Principalities
Diplomacy+3 Espionage +5 Industry +2 Warfare +4
High Concept Every Man an Emperor
Color Aspect A Little Violence Never Hurt
Internal Trouble Et tu Brutae?
Stunt: Antiquities Abound - When defending against a Warfare attack, you may spend a fate point and describe the ancient historical site that's become a battleground.  If you do, your opponent must take care to avoid damaging this site irrevocably in his attack.  If your opponent exercise due care, he subtracts an additional 2 from his Warfare roll.  Otherwise he takes a point of political stress.

Diplomacy +3 Espionage +2 Industry +5 Warfare +4
High Concept Steam Powered Victorian Empire
Color Concept Britain Rules the Skies!
Internal Trouble Populist Reform Movements
Stunt: Air Superiority- Once per session, when using Warfare to attack or defend, you may invoke Britain Rules The Skies! for free.

Pacific Empire
Diplomacy +2 Espionage +3 Industry +4 Warfare +5
High Concept A Power Rising as the Sun
Color Aspect Sharp Swords, Sharp Minds
Internal Trouble Too Many Mouths
Stunt: Suspicious of Outsiders - +2 to defend against Espionage attempts by opposing Powers. attempting to infiltrate spies or recruit assets.

Spanish Confederacy
Diplomacy +5 Espionage +2 Industry +3 Warfare +4
High Concept Forced Together Out of Necessity
Color Aspect The Best Defense is a Good Offense
Internal Trouble Stretched Far and Wide
Stunt: Tangled Webs - gain a +2 to create a Diplomacy advantage against someone you've successfully Diplomacized earlier.

North American Union
Diplomacy +3 Espionage +2 Industry +4 Warfare +5
High Concept The City on the Hill
Color Aspect Treading Softly with a Big Stick
Internal Trouble Civil Wounds Go Deep
Stunt: Sharpshooters - During a Warfare attack, spend a fate point and declare a specific condition you want to inflict on the target, like In My Sights. If you succeed, you place that condition as a situational aspect in addition to hitting them for stress.