Tuesday, January 26, 2016

LLSF Locker Room Pt 2

Buffalo Ramos- Indio, bull necked, & proud, Ramos is the Comanche murder machine. Freshly shorn after losing a lucha de apuestas to Carmelita "La Jugosa," he refuses to don a mask to mask his shame. His martial pride still hurting, he hopes to have a rematch versus la exotica with his signature stipulation - the bullrope and bell. Requiring both competitors to be tied together with a length of bullrope, the stipulation heavily favors to aptly named Buffalo over the lithe Carmelita.
Finishing Move: Extremo De Pista (powerbomb into a single knee back breaker)
Aspects: Blessed by the summer moon, Sting of recent defeat, Tied to the Beast

The Mad Monk - Rumored to be a defrocked priest, most everyone in the back gives him a wide berth. The reason for his expulsion varies, ranging from kid-touching & seduction of married women, to dark rites gleaned from abominable tomes. Though the stories disagree on the reason, his soul bears a shadow of corruption.  He performs communion for all who can bear his presence in front of a large paper mache  sculpture of the Virgin of Guadalupe, rivulets of dried blood in the corners of her eye sockets.
Finishing Move: Crucifixion (running big boot to a rope hung opponent)
Aspects:Defrocked priest,  "Don't worship God, worship ME!"
 Primer Dragon - Hailing from distant Japan, the fighter known only as Primer Dragon has her mind on a singular goal: revenge.  All that can be gleaned is she came from a wealthy family, but her fiance was moved to betray them through jealousy of primacy.  Her family estate burning down around her, face streaked with her brother's blood, she swore vengeance.  Others close to her say she has pursued this villain to Thailand, Australia, across South America, and now to Mexico.
Finishing Move: La Magistral (standing shiranui)
Aspects:Snowblood, Dogged tenacity, Ankle didn't heal right

The Executioner- Back when Lucha Libre Sin Fronteras was a traveling circus there was a strongman known as El Magnifico. One of the main draws, El Magnifico could drag a train for a mile with minimal effort. But while his body was strong, his heart was weak for the attentions of Lupita. Unfortunately he was too much man and too little the lover Lupita needed. Seduced by a local padre, she was persuaded to drown her children and run away from the carnival.  The deed done, the priest stood her up and fled town. The abandonment drove her over the edge of despair, and she took her own life. 
Struck dumbfounded by everything, El Magnifico retreated inward. Dead to the world around him and haunted by Lupita's phantom, the Executioner now walks in el cuerpo de Magnifico.
 Finishing Move: El Peso De La Justicia (Over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver)
Aspects: La Llorona's husband, Broken heart & broken mind, 
Mariposa Asesina - Wherever she goes scandal, broken hearts, and tabloid reporters follow.  A herald of inevitable heartbreak, Maripose Asesina takes what she wants whether man, woman, or Big Gold Belts.  Her dalliances serve ulterior motives, as she tests the Aztec blood and warrior's temperament of the modern Mexican peoplt.  She seeks luchadors fiery and strong enough to join La Nidada de Colibri, the Wounded King's failed bodyguards turned shadowy fraternity.  This apocalyptic brotherhood failed at the critical moment of the last gyre, and they will not fail a second time.  To do so would render the sun a cinder.
Finishing Move: Mariposa Obsidiana (Back-to-back double underhook piledriver)
Aspects:Years like grains of sand, No remorse, Old wounds never fully healed

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