Monday, April 25, 2016

RPG Blog Carnival: The Weather Outside

As trails are blazed in the West and prospectors discover new pathways to distant Malum, the incidence of Weirdness increases.  Strange beasts stalk livestock and settlers, perpetuating a mythic existence in the mundane world.  Alien winds now blow through the doorways distorting weather patterns and giving rise to otherworldy weather paradigms, betraying the knowledge of almanacs and boosting the stock of stormseers across the frontier.

Weather as Setting
An unseasonable blizzard tore across the Panhandle until it reached a desolate roadhouse.  Trapped by snowfall and hungry winds, the PCs quickly detect a numinous prescence in the storm.  Of course there are several strangers present as well, full of sass and secrets.  The storm wants something or someone from the inhabitants, figuring that out is on the characters.
Hungry Winds - Aspects: The Winter's Fury, Oooooo! Shiny!Skills: Bite to the bone +3, Quick as a zephyr +2, Born yesterday -1 Stunts: I take what I want (+2 to strip possessions away from characters) 

The posse has chased the thief and degenerate gambler Velvet Verdoux to the dilapidated metropolis of New Orleans.  Ever since Good King Xango came across an open trail, he has made the Big Easy his home and sole holding in this world.  The U.S. Government have tried to intervene but only succeeded in killing his cheval.  Since the last assassination, he has closed all but one way in, the rest are choked with beasts and sentient thunderstorms.  Velvet found a way in, they can too.

Weather as Plot
Tycoon Jeremiah Wrong has the county under his thumb, he recently recruited a powerful fabulist into his Regulators.  The local settlers are going broke paying Jeremiah's racket, if they refuse to pay their plot will be cored out by tornadoes.  More folks are packing up and getting out while they can.  Just as they can easibly leave, they can be easily followed as well.

Fabulist stunt: I can whistle up a tornado but I get carried away, literally.

Houston has not lacked for rain this past week, torrents falling and resevoirs filling up.  This month's RPG Blog Carnival Weather theme came from Mortaine's Blog.  Check out other contributors here:

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