Monday, April 18, 2016

Fragged Empire: Shadowy Entrepreneurs

Atia Vorenus - Operating under the name X!pH0s300, the Legion Hacker and pirate Atia Vorenus treads a dangerous line.  Her online identity is known for her spam operations, mainly search engine optimization and selling reams of valid contact information.  In meatspace she is a member of the 7 Brothers, researching and softening targets for their raids on her electronic clients' warehouses.  If they don't have to manufacture the product then that's a cost they don't have to pay.  Atia knows that this pattern can't keep up before she is found out and is looking for a way out.

Samantha Thirst - Rising aggressively in the field of nanoviral development, Samantha owns a vertical monopoly in their development and manufacture.  Always on the hunt for the next big thing, she is interested in the explosion of fringe faiths established since the Externality's fall.  She accepted a lucrative contract from the Black Key, and her association has spurred her rivals to taking a more aggresssive approach.  Contracts targetting her companies' research labs for exfiltration have been popping up on various job boards.

Arpaio - An independent contracter frequently engaged with Tri Fuel Industries, Arpaio is fiercely loyal to those who earn it.  Rescue from a defunct Nephilim Destroyer by a Tri Fuel salvage crew left a lasting impression, though the implication of ownership that comes with employment chafes him.  Mona Barrister, a Corporate accountant at the company, confided in him that she had noticed aberrant patterns in the financial records. The very suggestion of embezzlement from the company has set him on the trail and he needs a few good operators to help him out.

Pertova -Always hiring and always providing interesting jobs, Pertova has acquired a reputation for danger and excitement.  Recent contracts revolve around "liberating" pre-Externality artifacts and sabotaging Mechonid interests. Whatever her vendetta; she pays well, on time, and you won't be bored.  It's a hold over from her time in the Great War, performing high altitude insertions.  She has trouble envisioning any situation worse than boredom.

Fragged Empire is having their second kickstarter  for the companion volume the Protagonist Archive, where the Twi'far, Remnant, Palantor and Zhou are detailed along with some other great stuff.  Wade Dyer is incredibly passionate about this game and it shows.  Go check it out and kick in $2 if you can spare it.