Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fragged Empire: Independent Contractors

Collene Mondrian - Performing a majority of her courier work for Translight System Services, Collene's able to move a wide range of illicit cargo with minimal accidents.  Her semi-romantic relationship with Mako gave her an opportunity with the insular Kaltoran-centric business. When the pair broke up, Translight dumped him and kept her.  Since then she's getting more work than she can handle.  Something she hopes will solve itself with her newest acquisition: the Lupin.  Won in a game of chance, she is proud of the ship's reputation and construction.  Unaware that some of the previous owner's contraband is still in a secret hold and Mako still hasn't gotten even since she left him, Collene's future looks to be interesting.

Mako Useful - It takes a lot to get kicked out of a family business, much less two of them. But Mako somehow managed. Since then he handles low risk, low priority contraband and keeps his ear to the ground gathering information for his current employer - the Integrated Haven Port Authority. A good enough smuggler to be a risk to himself, the arrangement with the Authority means he can pull a heavier load when he wants to. The real danger is the tendency to shoot his mouth of when he does.

Kristopher Riordan -A programmer suffering from "head trauma" and botched experimental surgery to repair the damage, Kristopher shouldn't need the intense personal security that trails him everywhere.  If that's all he was, he wouldn't.  A failed attempt to decant a clone of Paladin Consortium's CEO Maxwell Hyperion, narcissism keeps him from having Kristopher destroyed. Smug and overconfident the surgery did the trick, Kristopher is allowed a wide range of freedom under Dragoon Ventures Unlimited's auspices.  As a copy of Maxwell Hyperion, there are myriad uses for Kris and his biomass - his existence is one of Maxwwell's best kept secrets.

Jana Hyperion - Breaking free from her father's orbit, Jana seeks to burn his conglomerate empire to the ground and build her own from its ashes.  For that she needs two things: Kristopher Riordan's scrambled egg brain and a skilled psion to pull out its secrets.  She knows her father is in deep with nefarious entities and has a dark agenda to match, she needs to prove it though.  Going solo provides a cover to assemble a rolodex of deniable assets and dangerous people, all in service of the larger goal.

Fragged Empire is having their second kickstarter  for the Protagonist Archive, four new species and expanded brain powers abound.  If you're seeing this, then you're probably already part of the Fragged Empire community and you should kick in your $2 if you haven't already.