Friday, February 26, 2016

Fragged Empire: Pillars of the Community

Left to right: Nephilim, Corporate, Legion, Kaltoran
Expanding on the NPCs from Help Wanted, fleshing out their place in my upcoming Fragged Empire campaign.  Each character has ties to a larger community and the setting as a whole.  A preview of the Antagonist Archive can be found here.

Debra Omni- Working in OS R&D at Cypher Robotics and Power, few suspect the mild-mannered, four-eared engineer nightlights as the hacker D0mniNator.  Spurning the jury rigged assemblies of her Kaltoran counterparts, Debra will only work with the bleeding edge of soft, firm, and hardware, this extends to most of her criminal contacts.  Across the datacrime forums D0mniNator's tutelage is highly sought after.  She played an instrumental hand gathering complementary criminals together spawning infamous groups like the Republic of Desire and the Nsurgency.  Having established her underground reputation, don't be surprised if she asks you to leave a personnel review, just don't go into too much detail.

Gogmagog - Engaging, delightful, brimming with childlike wonder; these are some of the things you would hear asking about Gogmagog.  A renowned evolutionary biologist, the Nephilim Hybrid's intellect belies his brutish appearance.  He advocates the changes made to planetary biomes from Xion engineered lifeforms such as Living Ammunition and other warbred beasts.  Espousing the ecological changes as necessary and vibrant in an otherwise stagnating biosphere, he often comes under social attack from conservative groups like Topiary. They often hold protests outside his speaking engagements and escalate the media coverage.  Regardless of his detractors, Gogmagog continues to press for widespread use of Xion rooted organisms to repair damaged ecologies.
Agnes Oblige - The Twi'far spend most of their time in transit, sealed up in spaceborn fleets flung across the Wild Night. Cooped up with semi-stagnant populations are ideal breeding grounds for hardy, infectious microorganisms.  What may manifest as a cold in one Twi'far population could be a vicious respiratory infection in another.  The Fleet' maintain a dedicated corps of doctors, virologists, and medical researchers to shore up biological defenses.  Virologist Agnes Oblige is a vocal partisan against further genehacking of Xion based lifeforms.  Citing the difficulty posed to the Twi'far MediCorps to defend against the microbiological remnants of the Great Xion War, rampant genehacking will only further exacerbate the situation.  Her stance has found traction in many circles, particularly among Legion scientific circles.

Dia Steward - Every operator and agent has a few skeletons in their closet, Dia happens to the stack them up like cordwood.  Officially an assistant HR manager with C.U.R.E., she abuses her access to personnel files to run a network of honeypots and blackmail.  Identifying soft targets and assigning the appropriate agents she has accrued an impressive amount of information in a fairly short amount of time.  Pining for a return to field work and escape from her gilded office, she identified Odyssia Pullo as a promising lead and made the approach herself.  Successful beyond her hopes and dreams, Dia fell in love with her mark shortly before Odyssia was transferred to Echidna Station at Ms. Steward's clandestine request.  Regardless of her feelings the op must go on, and Echidna Station holds the keys to Dia's future ascent.

Odyssia Pullo - Employed by Vito Security, Legion security consultant Odyssia Pullo's life used to be extremely simple.  Adhering to comfortable patterns laid out by Legion doctrine: eat, sleep, drill, repeat.  That was before she was assigned to C.U.R.E. and met Dia Steward.  Since then nothing has been simple.  A whirlwind of romance, emotional and physical, tore through the repetitive comforts and left Odyssia dazed and confused.  The transfer to Echidna Station was the escape hatch Odyssia wanted, allowing a return to "normal."  Breaking off her relationship with Dia, citing distance, she now finds the chain of events serendipitous and has opened a private investigation into her former lover.  Perhaps relying too much on Echidna Station's remote locale and blacksite status for protection.