Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fragged Empire: Help Wanted

A Kaltoran hacker named Debra Omni needs a team to sabotage a forgotten defense outpost belonging to Swords of Glory. However, the job is a trap - Omni and the Swords have been hired by Derrick Bolt, an assistant HR manager with Dragoon Ventures Unlimited, to force the crew to release the MacGuffin (this could be anything that related back to Human culture and scientific accomplishment.)

A guarded Nephilim science personality named Gogmagog needs a team to recover a genetic synthesis program stolen by a rival, a Twi-Far researcher named Agnes Oblige. However, he fails to show up at the meet afterward.  Further investigation reveals he went to an underground fetish party, but didn't come back.  The "Leather & Lace" just departed, may be a lead worth looking into.

A Corporate agent named Dia Steward needs a team to assassinate Odyssia Pullo, an important security officer of Vito Security. Further, the team will need to acquire some special equipment first, Odyssia manages the security on Echidna Station - a deep penetration research habitat invisible from space.

A secretive Legion hacker named Atia Vorenus needs a team to deliver an antique floppy disk to shadow banker Fabian Gracchus. However, she can only provide alternative compensation.

A Remnant agent named Arpaio needs a team to break into the network of Tri Fuel Industries and steal code for a new fuel synthesis program. However, he tries to eliminate the team after the job.  Turns out the data stolen actually contains traces of embezzlement, and could provide leverage for blackmail.

A would-be Kaltoran mogul named Samantha Thirst needs a team to recover plans for a tailored nanovirus stolen by a rival. In addition, the team is randomly targeted by a mischievous hacker from the Republic of Desire collective.

Nephilim data broker Pertova needs a team to sabotage a secret research facility belonging to Cypher Robotics & Power. Further, the team runs into unexpected security, someone within Cypher has managed to open up channels of communication with the Mechonids. Furnishing the compound with a small unit of Disciples who are perpetually alert to any infiltration.

Twi-Far smuggler Collene Mondrian needs her rival, Mako Useful, to catch a hole in the head after snitching her out to the Port Authority.The crew's association with Mondrian has drawn the attention of an inquisitive media reporter.

Hired to abduct and extract Kristopher Riordan, an important programmer of Dragoon Ventures Unlimited, by data broker Jani Hyperion. The crew encounters an old enemy on the same job, adding an unnecessary level of pressure to what should've been a milk run.