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Borchardbriar: The Way of the World


ACCORD - Every Wild Card starts with maximum Accord equal to 2 + half their Spirit die type. As things unfold the GM may call for a Accord check with a modifier based on events. An Accord check is a Spirit roll, the results may modify your current Accord score.

Murder -  Killing for any reason, other than self defense, causes an Accord check at -2.
Backlash - The GM may call for an Accord roll due to Backlash from Powers.
Fear - When you fail a Fear check, lose 1 point of Accord.
Cursed Relic - using a cursed relic causes an Accord check.
Open Road - Each day you're on the Open Road, make an Accord check. Start with a -2 penalty and add +1 for each companion.
Viciousness - Predatory and cruel acts cause an Accord check, with a penalty at the GM's discretion.

Sliding into Savagery
The real risk of losing Accord is uncontrolled transformation, the Land's wild magic using your flesh as a canvas. But maybe a little monstrosity is fine given the stakes. When you lose points of Accord, you temporarily gain a Tinge. Draw a card for each point lost and applying the card of your choice. At your next Advancement you can choose to keep the Tinge instead, otherwise the Tinge blows away on the wind. Be sure to conceal you Tinges, the Wyld Breakers are always on the look for Folk meddling with the Old Times.
If your Accord reaches 0 then you're lost as the wild magic overwhelms you

BEAST WITHIN - During character creation, choose a Kith and make note of the traits in brackets. Spend a Benny to temporarily gain an Edge (you must meet the requirements) or 3 points of Racial Abilities that reflects your Kith via those traits. Beast Within lasts for a scene.

FOUR LEAFED CLOVER - You've made it this far, all Wild Cards start with the Lucky Edge.

PACTSTONES - Relics from the Bygone Days, each pactsone was erected where an oath was sworn and sealed with blood. In these Fallen Days they still crackle with energy and a daring beast could coax it to the surface for their own ends.

Each pactstone contains a power you can activate with a successful Spirit (-2) roll, if successful you activate the contained power with a budget of 8 Power Points for modifiers. Anybeast present may sacrifice a Wound to add either a +1 to the roll or 2 Power Points to the modifier budget.

If you have an Arcane Background then you can use the Pactstone to amplify your magic and affect anybeast of your choice within your Spirit die in inches, using either power you have or the pactstone's.

Backlash: Failing the activation check provokes an Accord check with a -2 penalty. Draw an additional card for the Drift if you fail.

ADDITIONAL SETTING RULES YOU MIGHT WANT TO USE*:  Born A Hero, Dynamic Backlash, Gritty Damage, Wound Cap

*I use all of these.


REQUIREMENTS - Seasoned, Performance D8, Arcane Background (Bard)
At the start of the session, roll 2 of your Perform dice and set them aside. You can replace any resist roll so long as you're Performing. Additionally you can use Perform instead of Taunt for tests and add the [Inspiring] tag to your Kith.

REQUIREMENTS - Umbral Cabinet, Spirit d10
Throw back some Snakebite and let your ghost advisors take the wheel Once per session, you can add +4 to any skill the GM agrees is in line with one of your umbral cabinet's experiences.

REQUIREMENTS - Seasoned, Persuasion d8
You're able to gather Furred Folk to your cause with relative ease. Reduce the amount of Food needed to upgrade your cell by 1. Your cell cannot benefit from more than one Demagogue at a time.

REQUIREMENTS - Novice, Spirit d8
When you're outnumbered, add +2 damage and gain +1 Armor. Add the [Messy] tag to your Kith.

REQUIREMENTS - Seasoned, Bend Shape D8, Arcane Background (Chimerics)
You can alter minor details of your appearance with a Spirit roll (ie: fur pattern, coloration, etc). Also you can attract the attention from someone with only a glance. A botch calls attention from Above.

REQUIREMENTS - Novice, Notice d10
With a successful Notice roll you can ask the GM a question about a given enemy and they must provide an honest answer. Each Raise gives you an additional question. Add the [Sharp Eyes] tag to your Kith.

When you would die, suffer an injury, or botch a roll then you can escape the consequences (ex: immediately recover 1 Wound, ignore the injury roll, or treat the botch as a normal failure). Each time you do this, reduce your starting Bennies by 1.

REQUIREMENTS - Novice, Agility D8
When you outnumber your opponent, roll an additional D8 for damage and drop the lowest. Add the [Underhanded] tag to your Kith.

REQUIREMENTS -  Veteran, Vigor D10, Spirit d8
After 3 shots of Snakebite, you back down from no one and no thing. Ignore 2 points of penalties to tests and increase your Strength die by one size.

REQUIREMENTS - Arcane Background (Sorcery), Strength D8
When you deal damage with a spell, roll an additional die of the appropriate type and discard the lowest.

You can burrow through the earth at your full Pace leaving a tunnel behind for others. It might be a tight squeeze though. You can also Run while burrowing but the tunnel collapses behind you..

Non-Roden Folk suffer a -1 to hit you in melee combat. You lose this benefit when you're Entangled or Bound. If you have the Thief Edge, then add +1 when squirming out of bonds or through tight spaces.

REQUIREMENTS - Novice, Spirit d8
You have a panel of 3 ghostly advisors to confer with. You can table talk with your fellow players who aren't present in the scene for 1 Fatigue level. If you have an Arcane Background then add +1 to activate powers dealing with spirits.

REQUIREMENTS - Seasoned, Arcane Background (Sorcery) -or- Persuasion D8, Connections
You hold a license to perform sorcery, regardless of your actual ability. Reduce the rarity of potent herbs, magical reagents, and sorcerous contraband by one category. The Wyld Breakers might still come knocking on your door if they have a reason.

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