Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Last Parsec Archetypes: Truf Field Medic

Between arboreal titans swaddling planets and deader-esque seeds taking root in deceased husks, plant-based sentients are a diverse lot beyond the slight, flowery leeks. For instance, look at the intelligent fungi of Sequoia Prime. Dwelling in subterranean cities carved from the root network of deceased forerunners earned them the nickname "trufs". Their bipedal forms are actually a super-organism of cooperating colonies in constant chemical communication. Each colony has it's own sensory organs so while a truf's body is functionally covered in eyeballs, it can be difficult to parse all the information. The truf were exposed to the Big Empty when flaming wreckage and an escape pod crash landed. Though the serran occupant died from his injuries the truf city learned the best way they knew how - consumption. Horrified by their actions once they had expanded context, the truf species as a whole made a concerted effort to join the larger galactic community and ease suffering.

Truf use plural pronouns.

SPECIES - TRUF - Hardy, Regeneration - or Whole Body is a Brain (+1 die size to Smarts), No Vital Organs, Dependency (Moisture/water), Environmental Weakness (Heat/Fire), Bad Eyes

STATS - Strength D4 Agility D6 Vitality D6 Smarts D8 Spirit D6
SKILLS - Healing D8 Notice D6 Knowledge (Science) D4 Repair D6 Shooting D6 Weird Science D10
EDGES Arcane Background (Weird Science), Luck
HINDRANCES -  Pacifist -or- Curious (Major), Stubborn (Minor), Big Mouth (Minor) 
EQUIPMENT - Tranquilizer Pistol (2d6+1, causes Fatigue rather than Wounds), Medi-Scanner, Body Armor, 10 tubes of Medi-Gel, Personal Data Device, $100 spending cash.
POWER - Xenoherbal Medication (Boost Trait) -or- Ablative Mushroom Patch (Deflection) -or- Hallucinogenic Spores (Fear)-or- Anesthetic Aerosol (Stun) -or- 2 Fun guys (Summon Ally)

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