Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Borchardbriar: Outside 4 Corners

River and streams crisscross the Land, most trade plies the waterways since they're swifter and a bit safer than the Open Road. Away from the big cities, traders, punters, hardbacks and riverfolk are a world all their own. On the surface of isolated Lough Deoiridh, a barter town flotilla calling itself Mudslide has formed. Most of the Roden smuggled out of Stonebones arrive here. Given succor by Sister Isla, the riverfolk work very hard to maintain a free place of commerce and community free from Reynard's terror.

The Open Road
A catch-all for the wild in-between the Holdfasts and Borchardbriar. Populated with bandits, Chimera, Ruckus, ruins, Wild Breakers and witches; there's a lot to fear in the wilderness. Penal conscripts are often organized into hunting parties and keep the surrounding countryside as quiet as they can. The risk doesn't keep brave Folk from eschewing the high walls of the Holdfasts and living on the fringe. 

Life outside the Holdfasts is dangerous for the small and squishy. The Opossum eke out a living by staying up and out of the way. Their tree villages stay quiet and camouflaged, high in the boughs of tupelo trees. The only business they have below the boughs involves the breeding, care and harvesting of venomous snakes.

Wormtail - Gain an additional non-Movement action with no multi-action penalty.
Adderproof - Immune to Poison.
Cautious - Opossum have the Cautious Hindrance.