Tuesday, May 30, 2017

3 Furred Folk and Turtles

One of the most populous Furred Folk, Cats are found everywhere. Sizable populations are found in every holdfast in Between as well. Superstitious folk claim Cats are naturally gifted in witchcraft and other Secrets. The aloof Softpaws never provide a straight answer, things just go their way.

Cat's Eye - Low Light Vision
Uncanny - Fate just breaks their way, start with the Lucky Edge or a d8 in the Spellcasting if you have the Arcane Background (Magic)
Racial Enemy (Prey)  Being obligate carnivores, Cats suffer a -4 Charisma when dealing with prey Folk.

From Down South and Far Away in the Burning Lands, the Antseers sense a malady in the North. Young Pangolin warriors head to Clowdertown, seeking their parts in the Great Story.

Prehensile Tail - A Pangolin's tail can hold most melee weapons, granting an additional non-movement action per round without multi-action penalty. Also +1 Parry.
Unusual Shape- The Pangolin's strange shape makes it difficult to find armor that fits. Purchases and repairs cost double.
Outsider - Clowdertown is as far North as Pangolins go. They have a -2 Charisma dealing with Folk from elsewhere.

Without a home of their own, the Raccoons thrive in the cracks of society. Forging close bonds of business and friendship, Raccons are less clannish than other Folk. The Masked Syndicate is keen to franchise to anyone willing to pay the fee.

The Right People - Masks make friends easily and start with the Connections Edge.
Clever Hands - Games of chance are the official sport of Racoon.  They start with a d6 in Gambling.
The Usual Suspect - Raccoons always get rousted as criminals, even when they're innocent. It's the mask. -4 Charisma dealing with law enforcement.

All across the Land, you can find Hardbacks playing the Rivers on their raft. Their transient life has inured to them to the horrors of Reynard's eternal reign. Insisting that things will change, but remain the same.

Unflappable - Turtles keep on trucking, regardless of circumstances. They start with a d6 in Spirit instead of a d4.
Thick Shell - Their thick shell provides Armor +2, this can be penetrated.
Slow - It's common knowledge Turtles are slow. Their Pace is 5 + a d4 Running die.
Coldblood- They suffer a -2 to Resist extreme heat or cold.