Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Wicked West - Malum - the Apples of Creation

Classically known as the Otherworld and once peeled away from the West, the Malum are the disjointed houses of enduring spirit.  They are cities of the dead, tangible myths, the fruitful lands, insane ramblings enfleshed, and the high holy placesNumina stem from connections, no matter how tenuous, to these places and those connected to the Wicked West have been largely unmolested by the drone of the mundane.  The Malums' unexploited nature is the primary draw for the adepts, occultists, diabolists, mediums, sibyls, and warlocks swarming westward in a mystical gold rush.

Tied to the frontier by Branches, arcane trails that allows passage back and forth.  Though many are visible to the naked eye, it is through magic that one is able to perceive where the trail leads off.  Physical travel across Branches and Malum can be hazardous and it often pays to contract a guide, or psychopomp,to lead you through.  Traditionally they would only accept two copper coins, but the price of passage has gone up and now gold bars are required to enlist these particular services.
With such a high price is it any wonder why so many prospecting malleficarum opt to take a chance with their travel?