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Borchardbriar characters don't need to spend time combing over inventory and gear lists. Instead choose one partisan package and one equipment package to get right into the action!

PARTISAN PACKAGES - A selection of weapons and armor for fighting back and keeping you alive. Some may limit the maximum size of your Gear die.

Banneret's Berth- A short sword, a medium shield, plate corselet, and heavy helm. Survivor's guilt. (Reduce Gear die by one step)

Big Tom's Arms - A great axe and boiled leather jacket. A bad reputation.

Duelist's Tools - Any two one-handed melee weapons and light leather jacket. Something to prove. (increase Gear die by one step)

Hurler's Pride - Nine thrown weapons, a small shield, and boiled leather jacket. Steady paws. (increase Gear die by one step)

Meow Street Runner's Standard Issue - Any one-handed melee weapon, a small shield, leather cap, boiled leather jacket and either a kosh or sling. The Badge. (Reduce Gear die by one step)

Poacher's Bush Kit - Any ranged weapon and 20 units of ammunition, a quiver, a knife, and light leather jacket. This morning's catch.

Safeguard's Aegis - A battle axe, a large shield, and chain shirt. Nagging sense of deja vu.

EQUIPMENT PACKAGES - Mundane tools and equipment your revolutionary will need. Each package includes a Gear die, you roll the Gear die when you need something no bigger than your paw. Trades and bargains apply modifiers to your Gear rolls.

Merchant's Stock & Trade- Formal garb, blanket & bedroll, map, flint and tinder, 3 torches, and 3 pieces of sample stock. Gear d8

Fat Cat's Luxury- Formal garb, 50 bd worth of jewelry or other adornment, waterskin, and d4 entourage.  Increase the other Package's Gear by a die step (Only available without a Partisan Package, but you may select an additional Equipment Package).

Scholar's Study- Normal garb, backpack, mortar and pestle, 2 barkbound books, quill, and ink. Gear d6

Ruffian's Kit- Normal garb, backpack, bedroll, tinderbox, shovel, and waterskin. Gear d4

Hedgewise Trade- Normal garb, backpack, ceremonial clothing, flint and tinder, mortar and pestle, and three doses of either Catmint or Daybreak Gear d4

Cat Burglar's Bindle- Normal garb, grappling hook, lockpicks, and 10' rope. Gear d6

Vicar's Craft- Formal garb, blanket & bedroll, 2 vials of sacred oil, and a prayer book. Gear d6 

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